Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Squinty & Meat Puppet - Biden a Train Wreck and Lizzy a Loser

The Morning Joe folks are afraid—very afraid. They painted a Democrat doomsday scenario this morning in which Joe Biden would implode, Elizabeth Warren would win the nomination . . . and proceed to lose to DJT.

According to Joe Scarborough, behind the scenes among Democrat insiders, "everybody" says Biden's campaign is a "slow-motion train derailment," and "they believe, and many fear, that Elizabeth Warren is moving toward this nomination." 

Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations contributed some unintentional humor by mentioning as a "centrist" substitute for Biden. . . Kamala Harris. Yeah, the same Kamala Harris who supports a far-left agenda including unrestricted abortion, repealing the law making illegal entry into the US illegal, elimination of the Electoral College, avid support for the Green New Deal, slashing of the defense budget and erasing the second amendment.


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