Monday, June 30, 2014

Benjamin Moore Paint Names are ‘Racially Insensitive’

Progressives Today

A former Benjamin Moore employee named Clinton Tucker is claiming the paint colors “clinton brown” and “tucker chocolate” are named after him and since he’s black, they’re racially insensitive.”
Obviously Named After Our First Black President
Bill Clinton has the story:
"Tucker, who identifies himself as an African-American man in the lawsuit filed in Essex County court in Newark, said he was hired in June 2011 in the digital marketing department but quickly found himself being discriminated against, according to a write-up of the filing on
Tucker is seeking damages for discrimination, retaliation and a hostile work environment, according to the suit.
He claimed that when working on the online arm of Benjamin Moore’s campaign for their Williamsburg color collection, he learned of the new color “tucker chocolate,” which the suit called “extremely racially offensive.”
The Williamsburg collection also has colors named tucker orange and tucker gray.
Tucker then learned of the existing color “Clinton Brown,” which a co-worker pointed out to him as a joke.
“Despite [Tucker's] repeated complaints and protestations to BM management about these appallingly racial color names, no action was ever taken by Benjamin Moore to change the names of these colors,” according to the suit.
Tucker also claimed that he was demoted while white co-workers were given promotions, and that his request to take off work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was ignored."
“Tucker orange” isn’t a target of his lawsuit.


  1. I'm just all tuckered-out after reading that.
    Clinton Brown can't be racist because it is a perfect description of the color of Clinton's brain matter.

  2. I once worked at a large corporation and we had a black guy in the department. According to co-workers he "used to" be a nice jovial good natured guy to work with. Then he got hooked up with the local NAACP chapter and then became a militant race baiter. It got so bad that one day he showed up to work to find a genuine actual cotton plant on his desk.

    Can't we all just get along?