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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Joe Biden & CO. Taking a Wrecking Ball To The Republic

If I had told you five years ago that Joe Biden would put a man who thinks he is a woman in charged of the nation's healthcare policy, one in favor of using children as a test bed for gender reassignment cultural experiments. Or that he would politicize the US military,  or nominate some of the the most hate filled, unamerican, anti-white bigots to high level cabinet and policy decision positions, all while allowing hundreds of thousands illegals to pour over our border, your first reaction would probably be:  Joe Biden President???

Yes, the President of the United States, who just said he "doesn't criticize" China for its goal of becoming "the most powerful country in the world." That Joe Biden, who was Court Jester of the Barky Obama Administration, now being used to engineer the most wide sweeping transition of the republic since reconstruction. You'd have to be a fool of epic proportions to believe this man, one who was once a sharp minded and respected legislator, who now can barely make a public statement without notecards, is the one swinging this wrecking ball.

Just this weekend we learned Biden's DHS Head, Alejandro Mayorkas just fired almost all the members of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, a bipartisan panel made up of leaders appointed by both Democrat and Republican DHS secretaries of old, that has existed and provided expertise and advice for years to the secretary’s office.

This would seem the worst possible time to axe such a support, when they are in a middle of a border crisis, with the Biden making all kinds of mistakes and bad policy moves. The Council was non-political and actually knew their stuff. They would see what is going on and wouldn’t be able to be buffaloed. *so down comes the axe*

Meanwhile, Biden has been criticized for appointing yet another retired general to head up the Pentagon, one many believe won’t speak his mind when dealing with a new president and will wreak havoc on civilian-military relations. Yesterday, the new Pentagon chief, General Lloyd Austin, announced US Special Operations Command had made appointment of its first “chief of diversity and inclusion.” This attack of morale, good order, and discipline comes in the form of mandating  “diversity and inclusion” (diversity and inclusion do not, apparently, extend to heterosexual males, particularly if they are white).

This takes place as Army Special Forces can no longer attract enough candidates to the selection course to fill vacancies, if anything like standards are maintained. This new Chief of Diversity & Inclusion who brings diversity, inclusion, thick glasses, and a double chin to U.S. Special Operations Command is Mr. Richard Torres-Estrada. What is glaringly absent from his resume is anything remotely related to being part of an organization that has a critical mission.....and a single day spent in uniform. The idea that you are going to pluck a goober like this from a failed organization like the Washington Metro (though they are very happy wallowing in their failure and not terribly concerned about doing anything except failing, so there is that) and have him oversee efforts to ensure more of the right kind of people make it to the top of the Special Operations community is nothing short of bizarre. His tweeter account includes statement comparing DJT to Hitler.

Under a sane president, this deliberate effort to divide the military into opposing camps based on race, ethnicity, and “gender” could have been mitigated. Unfortunately for all of us, we don’t have a sane president.  What next? A soviet style Political Officer on all ships and Subs, Bomb Wings and Infantry Units to maintain the proper diversity and gender balance???

This all follows Biden's his handlers decision to give Biden Rep. Marcia Fudge to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development, who, with her $50 Billion budget favors racial equity by planting diversity in your neighborhood and turning your little slice of America into her own familiar Cleveland ghetto.

Then there's Secretary of Energy: former governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm, a fossil fuel hating bundle of sweetness who spent most of last year's campaign season on daily MSNBC programs ranting like a meth head calling most all Republican Nazis, and says you WILL drive an electric car if she has anything to say about it!  And at Transportation, little Pete Buttigieg, former mayor  that couldn't fill a pothole in South Bend, but does know a lot about trains, and wants you to rediscover the wonders of a bicycle seat, and unconstitutionally tax your freedom of movement. 

Most of all the nominees, this Vanita Gupta chick is the most dangerous of all. Picked as Biden's associate attorney general, her public record has proved extreme to say the least. She's an avowed leftist and accused of lying about her stance on defunding the police, qualified immunity, drug legalization, and capital punishment. Her twitter account is most damaging.  This is just a sample of what has come to light this last week.

For four years the mantra of the media was DJT was a danger to our democracy. But ladies and gentlemen, what every that perceived danger DJT supposedly posed, it was nothing compared to what we now face.  REAL danger from within by the leftist to our republic. Not imagined, but real.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Win or Lose in November, The War on Women to Continue

Yes, the war on women will continue unabated by pushing for Voter ID laws, so a dead woman in a Chicago Cemetery doesn't cancel out your rightful and legitimate vote.

The War on women shall continue, by opposing through Affirmative Action, the promotion an unqualified woman to a position over a more qualified candidate (man or women) simply because of their race or happen to possess a Va-Jay-Jay.

The War on Women shall continue to fight those who wish to pass restrictive laws in the name of 'safety', and thus denying the basic right of self defense.

The war on Women shall continue to "be in your uterus" by having you pay for your own morning after abortion pills instead of your employer or the American Taxpayers, who do not believe in killing the innocent unborn for convenience or lack of responsibility.

The War on Women will continue to expose the party who not only protects their leaders from the consequences of their lecherous behavior towards women, but go even further to promote them to superstar status within their party.

The War on Women shall continue to refute the patronizing rhetoric women are "One Issue Voters", cannot learn for themselves, and have to be told how to vote.

The War on Women shall continue to press for cutting the budget, lower taxes on income and saving, to further female entrepreneurship and restore individual freedom and the American Dream.

The War on Women shall continue to be in opposition to someone receiving equal pay in an important position,  without merit and performance to back it up, as someone with years of experience in that same job (man or women). 
NOTE:In 2008, single, childless women between ages 22 and 30 were earning more than their male counterparts in most U.S. cities, with incomes that were 8% greater on average, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data.  

The War on Women shall oppose tax payer funded federal grants to students for the purpose of  acquiring worthless degrees in a content free, useless and bigoted field like Gender Studies, and to fight tenure for union protected bad teachers who we entrust the young to learn and grow into responsible citizens.

Women all over this country are in positions that they have never been in before: for the first time, are taking over the mantle of breadwinner because their husbands have lost their jobs. Many more are regulated to using food stamps to feed their children for the first time in their lives and realizing that the hope and change that they voted for aren't translating into their every day existence. It's great on a hallmark card but hard to live off of.

Listening to the never-ending abortion rhetoric under the guise of “war on women” is insulting for those of us who have family and friends we are watching struggle. We want to know why Obama, in between vacations and golf outings, hasn't already done something about the 47 million on food stamps, the soaring poverty and devastating lack of employment in this country?

WHO Wages the Real War on Women?

Friday, October 7, 2011

We' Stuff......and Junk Like That...

From The Lunatic's Asylum 
 "On the recent phenomena that began with the 'Occupy Wall Street' nonsense, and which has now spread nationwide. We are now witnessing the full range of left-wing stupidity manifested within a series of mass-tantrums that would get far more serious attention if they were more truthfully named."

"Occupy Wall Street would be better served with the more-honest moniker "Come stand in the street like a pretentious doofus Rally", if it's counterpart in Boston were named 'Thumbsuckers and Bedwetters United!", and the completely unhinged bullshit of those who live and die at the welfare trough in New Orleans were to be called by it's proper tag, the "We're Here, We're Stupid, We Wouldn't Even Make an Effort to Save Ourselves From A Hurricane We Watched Cross The Atlantic For A Week on Television, Why Should Anyone Pay Any Attention To Anything We Have To Say?" March."

"I was willing to give the kids a break a few days ago, figuring they were just indulging in the time-honored tradition of the earnest young, and exercising their constitutional right to be a an oblivious asshole. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that at some point in the future, these idiots would eventually use the experience gained at this exercise in futility to learn some lesson about politics and reality that would serve them well later in life.

Apparently, I've given them far too much credit in the intelligence department..........."]

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's move on from this Charlie Sheen story. It's distracting us from learning about even crazier celebrities.

Useful Idiot and Hugo Chavez tool, Sean Penn
"In his own idiotic way Sean Penn is pulling his international version of Charlie Sheen, but without the panache or the humor....."
Yeah, remember crazyass Venezuelan dictator ass kisser / academy award winner Sean Penn, and his great performance portraying an idiot (not a real big stretch there) who once said Journalists who call Hugo Chávez a dictator should be jailed and Penn's critics should die screaming of rectal cancer. Well he has now teamed up with his pal......yeah, you guessed it, Charlie Sheen, and is gonna take him back down to Haiti to do some charity work. 

That's exactly what an earthquake and cholera ridden island needs is a manic, ranting, coked-out millionaire TV star down there furthering his self-destructive publicity stunt!  

But, dragging crazy Charlie around will get you back into the news, 
eh Sean?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why I Won't Be Seeing Stars Tonight....Again.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

It's that time of year again that the Orthopedic Doctors in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas of Hollywood Dream Land love the most. It's "Look How Great an Actor We Think We Are" season is upon us. Their wealthy Hollywood patient load, suffering from self-inflicted shoulder injures received patting their egotistical selves on the back, increase dramatical (pun intended). 

There was a day, and not that long ago, in the world of movie make believe when stars were glamorous and the Academy Awards were given based on the quality of the performances. Politics was unspoken by most the actors (and no one really cared) and performances could be enjoyed without bias.  But like a lot of America, I no longer pay attention to them and even try to separate these thespians from their anti-American liberal agenda campaigns and enjoy their endeavors. They have long ago lost my respect and I find them in general to be whining bores living in the lap of luxury, pushing their agendas while condemning the country that gives them the freedom to do so.  There is just something about actors who kiss banana republic dictators asses telling me anything about being an American.  STFU and act, if that what you call it. 

Being a professional musician, I'm as well aware as anyone things in society have changed since the 1960s. But how really dumb have we become that we have to plop ourselves in front of the boob tube to watch three plus hours of self-congratulatory speeches, bad jokes and musical numbers that have little to do with movies and are just time fillers.  And as for the Red carpet interviews,  don't these actresses know that their hair stylists are in fact a bunch of gay misogynists who are laughing behind their backs? Geez! 

The sad truth is that I have always been a film buff and it is painful to admit that I rarely go to a theater anymore because there is just nothing to see that is worth the trip. Yet the awards shows have multiplied and even though the ratings show our disinterest they still manage to get air time. 

The Academy of Arts and Sciences lost all credibility with me as a judge of artistic merit in 1999 when it decided that "Shakespeare in Love" deserved the Best Picture award over "Saving Private Ryan", a brilliant portrayal of military sacrifice in WWII. "Shakespeare" had been heavily marketed by its producers,  and the following year the same poor judgment awarded the Best Picture to "American Beauty" an amoral film that glamorized underage sex. Personally I would have preferred it go to "The Sixth Sense" or "The Green Mile", both a unique audience pleasing experience. But what do I know. 
It's become evident over recent years that the Oscars reflect the personal political agenda of the Hollywood Left rather than an objective judgment on the Oscars which should be awarded for great feats of acting; for performing roles that are difficult yet successfully executed. Let's face it, how difficult was it for Kim Basinger to portray a hooker in "L.A. Confidential"? Hmmm?

I think I'll start reading that new book on Cleopatra sitting on my coffee table or do something adventurous like trying to give the cat a bath, and leave the TV off tonight.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The 111th Congress: R.I.P.

Posted by Diogenes Sarcastica - Dec. 29th, 2010

And Good Riddance!
 The Band of Drunken Sailors With a Blank Check
Known As The 111th Congress, Are Now History!

They did their best to grab more power, to bullshit and run rough shod over the American people with their arrogance, pompous attitudes and displays of liberal superiority, all the while feigning dismay, then anger as the people spoke up with  their dislike of the leftist "we know better" mentality on display all through the first 2 years of the Obama administration. They really believed they were invincible. 

Well, that worked out real well, didn't it? 

I need not go into details here, as their antics are well documented in Pundit&Pundette's  111th Congress: Worst ever? , an excellent roundup of democrat's much ballyhooed version of "Pee on Your Leg and Tell You it's Raining." Check it out or be square.

And then there is Nancy...... 
During the Nancy Pelosi’s  tenure as speaker, which commenced on Jan. 4, 2007 with the 110th congress and a promise of fiscal responsiblity, the federal government has run up $5.177 trillion in new debt.  Can you get your head around that number?  That is roughly equal to the total debt the federal government accumulated in the first 220 years of the nation's history, with  $3.22 trillion of that just during the tenure of the 111th Congress.   And the 111th not only has set the record as the most debt-accumulating Congress in U.S. history, it finished with 13% approval rating with the American electorate.  

Back away from the gavel, Nancy. Slowly.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Rant

Posted by Diogenes Sarcastica
Friday, October 15. 2010

I recently watched a brainwashed college student on TV repeating the same old tired platitudes and recite a comprehensive list of sweeping generalizations about the letdowns our elected officials rain upon us. Everything her little spiel implied is what most people have wanted from government since kings were invented,  but have experienced only while riding unicorns under rainbows through enchanted forests up to cornucopias of food, drink, merriment, eternal good health, and sunshiny days with white puffy clouds and fountains in the park bubbling alternately with Merlot and Chablis.

The problem with her vision is that a high percentage of humans have at least moderate potential for nastiness of one kind or another. If everyone were truly good, if we all lived by the Golden Rule, no government would be needed. But since we can lapse into our more petty, savage, brutal, and selfish modes in an instant for no apparent reason, government becomes necessary to level the playing field so that the biggest, meanest dude in the valley doesn't wind up with all the gold, goodies, and girls.

And the irony in THAT is our dependence upon humans to form and operate that government, and being human, they're automatically flawed, whimsical, petty, crooked, mean-spirited, greedy, arrogant, flighty, incompetent, corrupt, selfish, egotistical, and sometimes downright evil.  Any government comprised of those individuals would sooner or later begin to exhibit the characteristic flaws of its constituency. Government is just like any other tool . . . hammer, fire, gun, screwdriver, rope, knife . . . and like fire, or like sharp instruments, it can be extremely dangerous if used carelessly or needlessly. What tends to happen is that someone enters government at a low level with the best of intentions, the highest of ethics, the noblest of goals, and before long becomes acutely aware of just how much wealth and power are available for the taking.

 Our recent congresses and executive administrations have established a pattern of unethical, immoral, and in some cases illegal behavior. The organizations designed to enact and enforce the laws of the land is not practicing what it's preaching. And that in turn generates disdain and contempt for the law, which then tells individuals that they don't have to obey laws they don't like because the laws are too complex or too cumbersome or too obscure, so each person is more or less left to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore.  And when you think about that concept, don't forget that this nation was actually created out of distrust of government. The men who designed our system built in safeguards so that the people could actually keep an eye on what government is up to. But over the decades, politicians have mastered the skill of hiding, masking, obfuscating, misdirecting, deceiving, , double talking, and equivocating to the point that most ordinary citizens can no longer even FIND, much less READ, proposed legislation (such as the 2000+ page health-care reform bills).

Nearly everything the central government gets involved with winds up either in failure or in massive cost overruns. Reagan once said that the most terrifying words a victim of natural disaster could hear are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." Will Rogers said the same thing another way: "I don't have to make jokes. I just watch the government in action and tell on 'em." And just a few years ago I heard a late-nite comedian say (after the government failed in turning profit on a foreclosed whorehouse), "Crime would go out of business if the government took it over and tried to run it."

When you think about it, most people probably consider anything they get from the government to be a result of social progress. But those same people very likely believe that anything the government does for somebody else is pure socialism.

The most convincing criticism of republican democracy you'll ever find will occur during a brief conversation with an average man-on-the-street headed for the ballot box.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Let Me Get This Straight....

Weekend Rants
July 31, 2010

It seems the Federal Government sued the State of Arizona in order to make the following points:

1. The Executive Branch has reserved the power and right to decide NOT to enforce laws passed by the Legislative Branch ,and deemed Constitutional by the Judicial Branch, if it finds doing so to be politically troublesome.

2.  That the Executive Branch, having made a decision upon which laws are to be followed and which can be chucked for political purposes, can declare that since it won't uphold the laws it is Constitutionally-required to enforce, that no one else can assume that responsibility in it's stead.

Good going guys!

Once again the Administration, it's naked partisanship and political tin ear evident because it has taken yet another unnecessary action that two-thirds of the country disagrees with, has finally laid to rest some of the myths about the political left that have been repeated for at least a century; These people are not evil little conspirators, playing at romantic revolutionary. They are not sublimely intellectual souls who simply see the world differently in subtler shades of grey than we mortals. They certainly aren't champions of the Common Man, fighting for his rights and freedoms, rising to the defense of personal liberties.

They're just a bunch of self-serving political retards. Smart people (defined as: having just enough sense not to shave your own ass with a cheese grater, and a bottle of Witch Hazel) simply don't do things like this. The amazing thing is that they're all lawyers, the President has even taught Constitutional Law, (so they say) but apparently none of them has bothered to read the document in question, and if they have, they possess this ability to misunderstand the English Language to such an extent that I'm surprised they haven't "discovered" the right to stand in your front yard, completely naked, with three barking dachshunds and a light bulb jammed up your butt while saluting the swastika.

For all the Harvard, Yale and Princeton graduates in the Administration, none of them seems to be able to find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight. The next time someone tells you the Ivy League schools are the best, you should point out to them that the Obamabots and the MBA's who ran Freddie, Fannie, Lehman Brothers, and AIG, were mostly Ivy Leaguers.

That should shut em up.

........And  John Kerry. Got ya self a 7 Million dollar yacht sailboat do ya?
 Had her custom-built in New Zealand, and moved from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, allegedly to avoid paying luxury taxes on it. Hummm?

Nothing like making sure you Buy American,  making sure you put some folks in Massachusetts (where I'm told they DO make some pretty spiffy luxury yachts) to work, and leading by example in a time of financial crisis, where the American people are being asked to sacrifice and give Uncle Sam just a Little Bit More (Little Bit More defined as: the Lion's Share of the 50% of your income we don't already tax) to pay for all the"Change you Can Believe In"...and you don't even make a show of sharing that sacrifice. In fact, you tried to find a way to circumvent the law.  And I'll bet you still lay awake at night trying to figure out just how it was that you lost to that boob George W. Bush.  It seems your only real talent is for marrying wealthy widows. Frankly, we're incredibly fortunate to have been spared the unmitigated disaster that would have been a Kerry Administration, Senator.

I gotta go, the gumbo is almost ready!