Friday, July 30, 2010

Let Me Get This Straight....

Weekend Rants
July 31, 2010

It seems the Federal Government sued the State of Arizona in order to make the following points:

1. The Executive Branch has reserved the power and right to decide NOT to enforce laws passed by the Legislative Branch ,and deemed Constitutional by the Judicial Branch, if it finds doing so to be politically troublesome.

2.  That the Executive Branch, having made a decision upon which laws are to be followed and which can be chucked for political purposes, can declare that since it won't uphold the laws it is Constitutionally-required to enforce, that no one else can assume that responsibility in it's stead.

Good going guys!

Once again the Administration, it's naked partisanship and political tin ear evident because it has taken yet another unnecessary action that two-thirds of the country disagrees with, has finally laid to rest some of the myths about the political left that have been repeated for at least a century; These people are not evil little conspirators, playing at romantic revolutionary. They are not sublimely intellectual souls who simply see the world differently in subtler shades of grey than we mortals. They certainly aren't champions of the Common Man, fighting for his rights and freedoms, rising to the defense of personal liberties.

They're just a bunch of self-serving political retards. Smart people (defined as: having just enough sense not to shave your own ass with a cheese grater, and a bottle of Witch Hazel) simply don't do things like this. The amazing thing is that they're all lawyers, the President has even taught Constitutional Law, (so they say) but apparently none of them has bothered to read the document in question, and if they have, they possess this ability to misunderstand the English Language to such an extent that I'm surprised they haven't "discovered" the right to stand in your front yard, completely naked, with three barking dachshunds and a light bulb jammed up your butt while saluting the swastika.

For all the Harvard, Yale and Princeton graduates in the Administration, none of them seems to be able to find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight. The next time someone tells you the Ivy League schools are the best, you should point out to them that the Obamabots and the MBA's who ran Freddie, Fannie, Lehman Brothers, and AIG, were mostly Ivy Leaguers.

That should shut em up.

........And  John Kerry. Got ya self a 7 Million dollar yacht sailboat do ya?
 Had her custom-built in New Zealand, and moved from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, allegedly to avoid paying luxury taxes on it. Hummm?

Nothing like making sure you Buy American,  making sure you put some folks in Massachusetts (where I'm told they DO make some pretty spiffy luxury yachts) to work, and leading by example in a time of financial crisis, where the American people are being asked to sacrifice and give Uncle Sam just a Little Bit More (Little Bit More defined as: the Lion's Share of the 50% of your income we don't already tax) to pay for all the"Change you Can Believe In"...and you don't even make a show of sharing that sacrifice. In fact, you tried to find a way to circumvent the law.  And I'll bet you still lay awake at night trying to figure out just how it was that you lost to that boob George W. Bush.  It seems your only real talent is for marrying wealthy widows. Frankly, we're incredibly fortunate to have been spared the unmitigated disaster that would have been a Kerry Administration, Senator.

I gotta go, the gumbo is almost ready!