Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why I Won't Be Seeing Stars Tonight....Again.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

It's that time of year again that the Orthopedic Doctors in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas of Hollywood Dream Land love the most. It's "Look How Great an Actor We Think We Are" season is upon us. Their wealthy Hollywood patient load, suffering from self-inflicted shoulder injures received patting their egotistical selves on the back, increase dramatical (pun intended). 

There was a day, and not that long ago, in the world of movie make believe when stars were glamorous and the Academy Awards were given based on the quality of the performances. Politics was unspoken by most the actors (and no one really cared) and performances could be enjoyed without bias.  But like a lot of America, I no longer pay attention to them and even try to separate these thespians from their anti-American liberal agenda campaigns and enjoy their endeavors. They have long ago lost my respect and I find them in general to be whining bores living in the lap of luxury, pushing their agendas while condemning the country that gives them the freedom to do so.  There is just something about actors who kiss banana republic dictators asses telling me anything about being an American.  STFU and act, if that what you call it. 

Being a professional musician, I'm as well aware as anyone things in society have changed since the 1960s. But how really dumb have we become that we have to plop ourselves in front of the boob tube to watch three plus hours of self-congratulatory speeches, bad jokes and musical numbers that have little to do with movies and are just time fillers.  And as for the Red carpet interviews,  don't these actresses know that their hair stylists are in fact a bunch of gay misogynists who are laughing behind their backs? Geez! 

The sad truth is that I have always been a film buff and it is painful to admit that I rarely go to a theater anymore because there is just nothing to see that is worth the trip. Yet the awards shows have multiplied and even though the ratings show our disinterest they still manage to get air time. 

The Academy of Arts and Sciences lost all credibility with me as a judge of artistic merit in 1999 when it decided that "Shakespeare in Love" deserved the Best Picture award over "Saving Private Ryan", a brilliant portrayal of military sacrifice in WWII. "Shakespeare" had been heavily marketed by its producers,  and the following year the same poor judgment awarded the Best Picture to "American Beauty" an amoral film that glamorized underage sex. Personally I would have preferred it go to "The Sixth Sense" or "The Green Mile", both a unique audience pleasing experience. But what do I know. 
It's become evident over recent years that the Oscars reflect the personal political agenda of the Hollywood Left rather than an objective judgment on the Oscars which should be awarded for great feats of acting; for performing roles that are difficult yet successfully executed. Let's face it, how difficult was it for Kim Basinger to portray a hooker in "L.A. Confidential"? Hmmm?

I think I'll start reading that new book on Cleopatra sitting on my coffee table or do something adventurous like trying to give the cat a bath, and leave the TV off tonight.  


  1. I looked at the list of movies nominated. I looked at the lists/categories of people nominated. I haven't heard of most of the movies. I have no idea who the people are. I am gloriously ignorant. I don't care.

  2. I agree with you that "Saving Private Ryan" should have won.
    BTW~ Let me know how washing that cat turned out. lol
    Thanks for the post.

  3. I can't believe that anyone with two living brain cells to rub together would give a shit what happens in hollywood.

  4. I so agree with your take on this. Hollyweird has lost its relevance.

    Whatever happened to story and character?

  5. Careful there Martin. You were describing my wife who spent something like 8 hours watching all the pre-Oscar activities and then the Oscar presentation followed by the post-Oscar commentaries and video replays of the red carpet fashion show. ARGGGH! What crap! I keep calling my wife a closet liberal just to piss her off and it usually works. I gotta get a new hobby. That one just isn't working for me.

  6. I remember 1999. Did you know Shakespeare In Love star Gwyneth Paltrow performed her Country Strong single? I never watch these shows any more either, although I do like to see the dresses.. but I know about Paltrow's performance because commenters were griping about it on a facebook thread. I personally can't imagine any better justice for these sanctimonious over-grown children, than to be forced to sit and listen to Paltrow attempting to sing. Even worse, they had to appear to thoroughly enjoy it! When you think of it, they must feel like circus freaks deep down, forced to say and do things on command, for the sake of their fame.

  7. I actuality spent Oscar Night changing out the facet in the upstairs bathroom while listening to my favorite Santana Album, then had a beer...a night well spent doing something useful.