Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Seattle Finally Decides To Scrape The Scum From Public Streets

I've spent a few late evening this week peeking in on the live streams from Seattle protest.  And I have to admit, I found it be be quit entertaining at times.  Seattle's queer soy boys roaming the street protest broadcasting with their iphones as small groups of twenty or so valiantly and heroically over run and occupy empty intersections,  narrating with color the happenings as if it were the D-Day invasion.

But now, I feel for the all the skinny white soy boys and overweight white girls who made up the majority, who were led around by the nose by a few loud black lesbians with bullhorns chanted "Fuck the Police" and stopping periodically for the fat girls to catch their breath, and all the white kids cheer as they're preached to about their white privileged. Good Times in the revolution!

For those mildly interested, below are some links to the live streams. Now that the mayor's personal life has been disrupted and the "Pigs" are sweeping the occupied six blocks of Chop/Chaz or what every they call it today, things might get even more interesting tonight after dark.....


Live Streams:

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