Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Democrats Suddenly Outraged by Large Crowds Again

You were supposed to stay home. You were supposed to lock your doors, cower in your basement, socially distance, and wait for the coronapocalypse to blow over. The worst thing you could do is be in a crowd. Unless, that is, you were protesting. Protesting trumps everything. If you were thinking about joining peaceful protest, or even a riot, you were encouraged to abandon the safety of your bunker and get out into the streets. Progressives wanted boots on the ground, and the lockdown was suddenly unimportant.

It didn’t matter how many other people were out there. It didn’t matter who was out there or what they were doing. All that mattered was “optics.” Just ask Frau Whitmer, the “Queen of the Quarantine.” Unfortunately, that’s all over. Now that they have planted George Floyd, quarantine reprieve has come to an end. Now, crowds are bad again. What has caused this oh-so-shocking about face? Take a guess…

Apparently, the Kung Flu virus discriminates. Anti-Trump mobs are totally safe. Trump crowds are dangerous carriers of death and disease and will, no doubt, cause the explosive return of the Chinese Death Virus. The hypocrisy is obvious…

So, to review: Republican 1st Amendment expressions bad. They will be called out by your media superiors. Left-wing 1st Amendment expressions, or violent riots good. They will therefore get a pass.

[Robert Laurie]
[Detroit Free Press]

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