Sunday, June 14, 2020

Jonathan Pie Might Not Be A Household Name In America, But He Should Be.

Sir Winston Churchill 

Chaos is king in progressive politics at the moment and in America the tendency is to believe all outrage is organic and borne of latent rage over the sins of our past.  Because we are told that if we're good people, and we want to admit to, correct, and atone for things we had nothing to do with, we will bow down to moral superiors of color.

Across the pond, the current outrage is much more organized than organic and more political than polemic.  Otherwise, why would the English outraged be so invested in the local affairs of a Midwestern U.S. state?  With growing clashes between rioters in the UK and native born ENGLISHMEN in ENGLAND who’ve decided to protect their 3000 year history and heroic statuary from vandals (while being labeled by US media as "The Far-Right") the current unrest begins to look more and more like an attack on shared Western values than a reactionary response to perceived abuse at the hands of rogue law enforcement.

All of which makes this video from British comedian Tom Walker, using his character of journalist Jonathan Pie, to issue one of the better indictments of the current social disarray at the hands of latter-day Marxists in a video that’s gotten many UK viewers praising it as the essence of what they think but cannot say for fear of the rage mob and cancel culture.

For context, the character of Jonathan Pie is a popular parody of an English journalist who regularly films commentary addressing the news of the day.

His commentary on the current civil unrest is one for the books. Language warning:
The Brits have always been particularly skilled at skewering social insanity through humor (see literally anything Monty Python has ever made) and bless them, they’re doing it again. Bloody brilliant.

[Sarah Lee@RedState]

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