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Friday, March 2, 2018

Got Some Good News and Some Bad News......

The Good News is Michelle Obama is not gonna be your next president. The Bad News is she wants to create "thousands and thousands" more Michelle Obamas!  Yeah, just what Amerika needs, more big ass angry black girls who think a skanky Beyonce is a good role model, and is bad at pretending money can buy class. You can take the girl outta the ghetto......

Mich spoke at an event Tuesday in New York where she explained that her work with the Obama Foundation (their tax exempt, Clinton like money laundry using indoctrination and Alinsky tactic to infiltrate the public schools with a Far Left agenda to ’ fundamentally transform ’ white, capitalist, Christian America into another third world nation run by Democrats, preferably by blacks and self-loathing whites) has made her hopeful and “optimistic” for the future of the country.

According to Obama, the results of that work with young people is the reason that she will not run for U.S. president. Thankfully, we dodged that campaign experience!
“This is why I’m not going to run for president because I think it’s a better investment to invest in creating thousands of mes. We don’t need just one [Michelle Obama] — we need thousands and thousands....”
No class but at least she's modest! She also said that after spending eight years in the White House with Barky, she feels it’s time for older leaders to step aside to allow the younger generations to usher in change. *rolls eyes*

So you may now relax and bask in the glow of the beauty and grace of Mich O' and contemplate her deleterious future vision of America, knowing that she has thrown herself on the sword and will not be your next president!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First Lady Pounds Sand

First Lady Michelle Obama arrives in Doha, Qatar at al-Udeid air base joined by comedian Conan O’Brien for her ongoing International Clown Suit Tour Let Girls Learn initiative at the 2015 World Innovation Summit for Education.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

First Lady Will Return to Humiliating Nation's Youth

While gearing up for another taxpayer paid grand vacation on Martha's Vineyard, the first lady took time to announced she will pay visits to school lunchrooms again this fall to humiliating the fat kids of America after they've "stuffed their chubby little faces with candy and goodies over the long summer vacation break."

The First Lady vowed to continue to pursue her campaign to stamp out childhood obesity and rid the nation of fat kids even if it starves and pisses off an entire generation. "These are kids who stuff there faces with Mickey-D's French fries and Big Mac's and aren't even healthy enough to out-run a Republican pervert."

Threatening to slam children's foreheads into the lunch table is one of the First Lady's most affective communication tools when discussing proper eating habits

Friday, June 19, 2015

Tragedy Narrowly Avoided as FLOTUS Arrives in Venice


Venice - Tragedy nearly struck the adoring throngs of admirers at  Venice Airport as First Lady Michelle Obama and her sizable entourage arrived for their visit. The crowd, some on the verge of shock, repulsed as the First lady emerged from her plane to greet the crowd and dignitaries.......

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Poor Little Rich FLOTUS

Over the past few months, First Lady Michelle Obama has criss-crossed America to toast artists,  congratulate students, and complain about her terrible, terrible life.
Monte Done This 
Even though she resides in the top .001% of wealth, power and celebrity, Ms. Obama will never let us forget the pain of growing up in a middle-class, two-parent household and receiving one of the finest educations the world can offer.

Having thoroughly depressed the U.S. with her tales of personal woe, FLOTUS took her act abroad, getting feted by the rich and powerful in London. While touring Old Blighty, she visited the Mulberry School for Girls which is located in a low-income, primarily Muslim neighborhood called Tower Hamlets. She inspired the student body the only way she knew how — grievance.

Let’s face it — all of our stories are her stories. The classic narcissist needs to lug around a mirror so he can gaze at his reflection. The Obamas are a superior breed who can look at any group of people and see only themselves.

Though she was talking to actual underprivileged students, Ms. Obama spent about half her speech complaining about her thoroughly normal upbringing:
"We lived in a really small apartment. And my brother and I shared a bedroom that was divided in half by a wooden partition, giving us each our own little, tiny rooms that fit just a twin bed and a small desk…"
"Because our apartment was so small, there wasn’t much privacy. I can remember how hard it was to concentrate on my homework because someone was always talking or watching TV right next to you......."
"So we constantly felt the struggle to balance our family responsibilities and the schoolwork, the activities, and the goals that we had for ourselves...."
"But despite my efforts, there were still people in my life who told me that I was setting my sights too high; that a girl like me couldn’t get into an elite university. 
(Editor’s note: Princeton’s student body was 37 percent female when Ms. Obama matriculated.)
"And the fact that I was a girl and that I was black — well, that certainly didn’t help things, either. When I was growing up, there were very few black women at high levels in business, or politics, or science, on TV, so I didn’t have many professional role models to look up to."
Surely no one has suffered quite like Michelle Obama has suffered. But what she failed to mention is the rather different world she inhabits compared to the girls at the Mulberry School.

Before the speech, Poor Little Rich FLOTUS enjoyed tea with Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace and relaxed with the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. After leaving Tower Hamlets, she (and her girls and their grandmother) jetted to Milan — at taxpayer expense, of course.

After meeting the Italian Prime Minister they viewed Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Then Michelle Obama went to the James Beard American Restaurant with acclaimed chefs Mario Batali and John Besh as her daughters shopped their way through Milan’s fashion district. Next, the First Entourage flies off to Venice for the Biennale contemporary art show.


We shouldn't begrudge the First Tribe taking summer vacations, even if they are more lavish than almost any other American family can afford. After all, we don't have the time. Most of us have to actually take care our own children personally, and have actual jobs and businesses to tend to instead of gallivanting across the country and the globe.  I just wish she would STFU and quit bitchin' to everybody about it about her life. (oooh, that wasn't very lady like of me, was it?)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Michelle Obama to be Honored in Work of Art


Milan - Michelle Obama is undoubtedly more popular then her husband these days, and on her upcoming trip to Europe she will be honored by the city of Milan and Italian Government. The First Lady, along with moms Robinson, and daughters Malaria and Sharia will visit London, Milan and Vicenza next week.

While in Milan to visit the Milan Expo 2015 as part of the First Lady's Let’s Move! initiative, a sculpture done in her honor, 'The  Grosso Culo' (see photo below) will be unveiled to the public The Sculptors believe they have captured in stone the very essence of America's First lady.

The massive work of art, commissioned for the occasion of her visit, is the creation of semi-famous sculptors  Inutile Bastardo Maiale and  Mario Cazzo Testa of the Pezzo di Merda Art Institute.

The 2700 kilo black basalt sculpture will later be moved to a more  permanent location in a parking lot near the edge of town next to the city's landfill and refuge depository. 

Stay Tuned to the Middle Finger News Network for updates on the First Lady's Travels 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cambodian PM Tells First Lady To Put Up or Shut Up

She Stick Big Nose In Little People Business...

UPI The first lady's visit to Cambodia was part of the the White House's "Let Girls Learn" initiative but her cause rang hollow to Cambodia's outspoken prime minister.  Michelle Obama's tour of Asia to promote girls' education was marked by blunt criticism from Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who said the first lady was "playing around" and using hopeful rhetoric about making improvements but not guaranteeing aid.

The Phnom Penh Post reported that Hun Sen told  U.S. embassy personnel Wednesday that Obama's Saturday visit with 10 schoolgirls in the Cambodian city of Siem Reap, part of the White House's "Let Girls Learn" initiative, was good but not enough. He said the U.S. government should promise scholarships – if it sincerely seeks improvements to education reform in Cambodia. 

"Her mission is very good, but I suggest the United States should help completely and not play like this," the Cambodian prime minister said.  Obama's visit has led to a request from his education minister on Tuesday for state university scholarships for the 10 students who met with Obama on Saturday. 

"What if she chose 300 students? It would be death. I don't have that money to give....." 

MFNS Correspondent Earl of Taint covertly tagged along on the trip and captured these photos of Mooch's exotic Cambodian travels your 2014 tax bill helped to foot......

 Moochelle visits the amazing temple at Angkor Wat. FLOTUS is on the far left. 

Asking directions to rest rooms and snack bar,  monks broke their vow of silence with their screaming.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Exclusive Photo Preview: Moochelle O. Visits 'THE CHEW '

New York (MFNS)-The First Lady, Michelle Obama was in New York  last weekend to tape 2 segments of the popular show cooking 'The Chew', slated to run this Friday, October 3rd. on ABC.  

Middle Finger News has obtained exclusive production video screen-shots of her up-coming appearance from sources behind the scenes of the show. 

As always, wherever the First Lady makes an appearence, the audience greets Mrs. O. enthusiastically, and the Chew audience were thrilled to see the nation's school lunch menu lady and wife of the President in person.

Looked absolutely stunning in her tan fitted slacks and lace-up brown blouse with gold chiffon fart-flap early warning system she also wore at a recent photo-op,  Mrs. Obama talked at length to the Chew Crew of proper nutrition and of her love of slaving over a hot stove to cook healthy meals for Barry and the first gals.

The recipe of the day was Mrs. Obama's secret ingredients for her favorite summer evening family dish, a rich high protein, low calorie luscious 'Garden Snail and Ethiopian Rainbow Toad Egg Soup' with a delicately roasted Botswana Dandelion Garnish. 

Mrs. O. severed up the dish to the Crew with a side of chilled pickled arugula with  ground African Ubuntu Nut seasoning, smothered in a creamy sweet pisto goat spline dressing. It was a big hit.

In the second segment the First Lady made her  favorite desert treats, ' Repollo y Fajita pastelitos de carne ' with free range yak cream cheese icing. But looking a little green around the gills and stuffed to the rafters from the main course, the Chew Crew decided to pass on the sweet treats. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gifts Fit for the Queen

From the Obama Family Album 

The President Surprises the First Lady on Arrival at Martha's Vineyard Vacation Residence

Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Lady Donates Panties to Immigrant Relief


(MFNS)- Washington - The White House announced today First lady, Michelle Obama will donate a large portion of her personal underwear collection to the call for underwear relief for immigrants flowing over the southern border of the United States.  In the statement released to reporters, Chief of Staff to the First Lady, Tina Tchen, said the First Lady will donate most of her designer delicates collected  since residing in the White House and brought back from overseas travels. 

"Mrs. Obama has a wide range of XXXLG and XXXXLG heavy duty,  gas absorbent undergarments in her designer collection she wishes to donate to this important humanitarian cause, and to the brave immigrants coming to America. Mrs. Obama believes sharing her wealth of undergarments is another way of forwarding her humanitarian agenda and just one more way of doing her part in making America great again."
The statement also requested anyone wanting to join Ms. Obama in donating, please sent your underwear to 1600 Pennsylvanian Ave, Washington DC / ATT. Office of FLOTUS.

Breaking : First truckload of First Lady's relief arrives at border - See Exclusive Pictures Here  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Moochell Not Getting Paid For All The Hard Work She Does

Our nations First Lady wears many hats, and takes the responsibilities of her given position seriously, but sadly monetarily uncompensated. With the President on the road promoting his 'Take Down America' agenda, and the Vice president out doing whatever he does, she quietly takes the opportunity to sometime to do important work for the nation in their absents. 

Michelle Obama painting over Joe Biden's
crayon graffiti and pee splatters in the West Wing restroom

"First lady Michelle Obama is “kind of a bad example” for the need for pay equality, President Obama joked Tuesday.
“I will say, the first lady’s kind of a bad example because the first lady doesn’t get paid. And she works pretty hard,” the president said at a roundtable discussion on manufacturing in Pittsburgh.
The quip came at the end of an extended discussion about how family-friendly policies were good for business. The White House has championed equal pay legislation that would provide additional protections for female workers, but the bill stalled in Congress earlier this year."
Perhaps the ol' gal is entitled to a long vacation at our expense or relive the stress of a hard days work of being important figure in the remaking of American. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Moochell's Advice to the Next Generation

The Reach Higher initiative is the First Lady's effort to inspire every student
in America to take charge of their future