Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Lady Donates Panties to Immigrant Relief


(MFNS)- Washington - The White House announced today First lady, Michelle Obama will donate a large portion of her personal underwear collection to the call for underwear relief for immigrants flowing over the southern border of the United States.  In the statement released to reporters, Chief of Staff to the First Lady, Tina Tchen, said the First Lady will donate most of her designer delicates collected  since residing in the White House and brought back from overseas travels. 

"Mrs. Obama has a wide range of XXXLG and XXXXLG heavy duty,  gas absorbent undergarments in her designer collection she wishes to donate to this important humanitarian cause, and to the brave immigrants coming to America. Mrs. Obama believes sharing her wealth of undergarments is another way of forwarding her humanitarian agenda and just one more way of doing her part in making America great again."
The statement also requested anyone wanting to join Ms. Obama in donating, please sent your underwear to 1600 Pennsylvanian Ave, Washington DC / ATT. Office of FLOTUS.

Breaking : First truckload of First Lady's relief arrives at border - See Exclusive Pictures Here  


  1. Jumpin Jehosaphat! Them bloomers is big enough to use as a windsock...on da moon!
    The mere sight of them at the border crossing would reverse the flow of immigrants, maybe even cause some border patrol agents to defect.
    A single pair of her 'delicates' would clothe 4 chirren.
    Her crotchless donations could be turned upside down and used as a peasant blouse by your more full-figured immigrant.
    Get 'em while they're hot!

  2. Excuse me...are the immigrant children supposed to use them as tents?

  3. Can the wookie taint be washed clean?

  4. What a great idea. Mine are on the way to the White House.