Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Guide to Winning the Goriest Campaign in 184 Years

The White House Dossier
"When I look at the campaign, I wonder, really, whether there has ever been an event quite like it in presidential politics before.
The Obama campaign is offering up a narrative that has so little connection to reality, but seems to be working so well, that I am pondering if it is possible for Romney to wage anything resembling a normal campaign at all.
Obama and his operatives smear Romney, accuse Republicans of racist intent, claim that George W. Bush is responsible for the current economy, declare Romney unqualified to be president – when Obama himself had not a single qualification to be president – I simply cannot believe the things I’m hearing and seeing.
I’ve come the conclusion that there is no way to avoid an unmitigated mud fight. This is going to have to be the most vicious campaign since 1828, when Andrew Jackson’s wife was accused of committing adultery with him and John Quincy Adams was said to have pimped out a servant girl to the Russian Czar.
Recognizing reality, I offer my advice to each of the campaigns on how to conduct themselves, or rather, misconduct themselves.
You think this is tongue in cheek? It might be, but I’m not so sure....."