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Beatings to Continue Until Morale Improves...

Matthew - 7/8
Matthew's Weekend Commentary

Watching the news lately it becomes painfully obvious as to what the Obama re-election strategy is: simply to deny, deny, deny the facts of failure, and to continue to push a false narrative, more fairy tale than reality. There will also be a concurrent campaign to paint Mitt Romney, and republicans in general, as a bunch of reckless, patrician douchebags, lacking in both basic common sense and human compassion.
This idea came to me, yet again, while watching our Commander-in-Chump make a series of stump speeches -- in between mega-million-dollar fundraisers with the very same reckless, patrician douchebags of the sort he's supposed to be running against -- where the old, Obamaesque, tingle-up-the-leg-inducing lofty rhetoric has been replaced by a constant drumbeat of outright lies.
Obama talks up the Economy, Part One: the the private sector keeps adding jobs, neglecting to point out that the private sector is hiring at a snail's pace. The supposed continued stream of anemic, yet always just perceptibly upward, movement on employment in private business is supposed to represent a steady, if slow, indication of economic recovery. The truth is that if we're talking a healthy economy, these employers would be hiring by the hundreds of thousands each month, and not at the average of about 70k a month. All the while, even more unemployed simply drop off the grid as their benefits run out, or they get discouraged.
Obama talks up the Economy, Part Two: Green Energy is still the wave of the future, despite the fact that it doesn't work, and so far has only proven that as an industry the only thing it can produce is government subsidies which mysteriously disappear. The jobs created -- so few of them, to begin with -- largely turn out to be temporary in nature, for as soon as the subsidy money dries up, so to the companies that depend upon it for survival.
Obama talks up the Economy, Part Three: Obama "saved" GM, much in the same way that Peter Arnett once described a Vietnam-era debacle by saying of a certain village that "it was necessary to destroy it in order to save it.". GM is not "saved"; auto workers are being laid off just as they were before the government "bail out". The stockholders have been shafted. the bondholders were blatantly robbed in broad daylight with the blessing of the courts. The concept of a free market was well-and-truly pissed upon. GM now builds cars that no one wants, can't be supported by the present infrastructure (gas stations abound, recharge stations, not so much), and which are so expensive that even the few that have been purchased came with a large, taxpayer-funded bribe attached.
Obama talks up the Economy, Part Four: According to President Odoofus, there's more oil being pumped, there's more exports, there's a higher stock market, and all of that is, somehow, his triumph, and yet, employment is at a record low since anytime after the Great Depression. The Keystone Pipeline remains in limbo. Gulf Coast Oil drilling has, for all intents and purposes, ceased after the oil spill.
Obama on Health Care: He wins, and yet, he still loses. Primarily because the Supreme Court figured out a way to make the Affordable Care Act legal for him, primarily by pointing out that what Congress euphemistically calls a "fee" and the Obama administration calls "a penalty" is rightfully defined as "a tax". In fact, the entire ACA, when fully activated, will be the largest tax increase in American History.It is a great indication about how inept, how devious, how dysfunctional the Obama administration is, that even their victories invariably carry with them the seeds of defeat, whether it's healthcare, stimulus, bail-outs or giveaways.
Obama talks up his Questionable Foreign Policy Achievements, Part One: Iran is still arming itself with nuclear weapons, sending weapons and extremists across the border into Iraq, and threatens to close the Straits of Hormuz, while Obama lets the Europeans talk for us in front of the Ayatollahs. The opportunity to really stick it to the Iranian regime, perhaps to even change it, was squandered as Iranian protesters died under Islamic-terror-sponsor bullets. Russia is flexing it's muscles in Eastern Europe and Syria, and Obama caves on missile defense so that Vladimir Putin will like him again. The Arab Spring, supposedly a harbinger of nascent democracy (even if it was infected with theocrats) turns out to be a Khomeini-lie exercise in fundamentalist stupidity. After decrying the Iraq and Afghan wars for a decade, Obama starts a third -- with no clear American interest at stake -- in Libya. As for Afghanistan, the Taliban might as well be back in charge, since we're no longer fighting anyone, the only purpose behind keeping this sham going is because one must burnish one's anti-terror credentials, because even after shooting Bin Laden in the fucking face, no one believes you're serious about cracking down on terrorists.
Obama talks up his Questionable Foreign Policy Achievements, Part Two: there's still a dictator in North Korea building missiles and nuclear weapons, selling them all over the planet, and thumbing his nose at Uncle Sam. China has made it clear that it considers itself to, finally, be a power on par with America, and even arrests a dissident inside the American Embassy. Pakistan is not our friend, and has become more hindrance than help in the War on Terror, and yet, Obama will not call out whichever Kim is in charge of Munchkinland, not deploy an aircraft carrier to make the Chinese think twice, or cut off all the American aid to Pakistan. We are universally laughed at in the United Nations, where President-Won-the-Nobel-Peace-Prize-for-being-Half-Black is eager to sign away American sovereignty over the fake threat of Global Warming, Sea Treaties, Nuclear non-proliferation agreements which we assiduously keep and no one else does, and Human Rights commissions chaired by the worst sorts of despots. The Obamabots talk a good game, but reassure their enemies in vague, ineffectual statements and non-action that they are, indeed, weak.
Obama Talks Up Questionable Foreign Policy Achievements, Part Three: Obama blames much of the American economic malaise on Europe. Mostly because the old litany of excuses -- republicans, George W. Bush, Japanese earthquakes and tsunamis, bad horoscopes, bad hair days, Michelle being on the rag just before a certain key economic report is issued -- have worn thin. The economic genius who spent a trillion dollars on a stimulus package which produced something like 37 jobs nationwide, and ensured that turtles can cross busy interstates with safety -- assuming they can follow the signs to the new underpasses built specifically for their use -- now lectures Europe on the need for "austerity'.
The man who believes that pouring half-a-billion dollars into a company which produced useless solar panels at $6 per, and sold them for $3 retail (Solyndra), is now handing out economic advice to the leaders of the countries that produced Hayek, von Mises and Smith. The man who promised to cut the federal deficit in half, and then planned to borrow another $5 trillion to fund an expanded welfare state, is going to tell Greeks and Spaniards that they must do with a smaller welfare state, so that Wall Street can recoup it's loses, or at least slow it downward slide? Fat fuckin' chance, bub!
 And yet Barack Obama would have you believe that not only is his way working, and bettering, our lives, but that a reversal of his policies (which have only served to bankrupt us, make us look stupid in the eyes of the world, and confuse the ever-loving fertilizer out of us) would be the next-best-thing to child rape, is out there stumping for a second term? On what planet, one wonders, does this incredible idiot live on?
This is all you will hear for the next four months: under Obama everything is better, or soon will be; under his opponents, things will only go back to the way they were. Which, in retrospect, bearing current experience in mind, doesn't seem to be all that frightening a proposition.
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