Tuesday, July 27, 2021

On the Olympic Shitfest...

I Swear These Are The Same Guys That Work at the
Garden Nursery Down the Road

Excerpts from Our Friend Matthew @My Planet, My Rules
"I have professed a deep and abiding disgust with the sordid marketing campaign known as "The Olympic Games" on this page (and elsewhere) many, many times. I hardly need, I should think, to regurgitate my talking points on why the Olympics Suck Harder Than Kamala Harris, so I will, instead, shit all over the tertiary aspects of this years shitstravaganza. 
The only reason these "games" are taking place is because of money. Money is the only reason why this farce continues every four years, since the real juice of past Olympic Games -- nationalism -- is now considered uncouth. 
NBC paid a fortune for the rights to televise them. The Japanese government spent billions of yen constructing facilities. The IOC wants nothing more than to pretend that it does something useful and worthy of continued funding. Despite a worldwide pandemic and only 30 or so countries sending teams, not to mention the lack of spectators, these competitions in mostly-unwatchable sports are being pressed forward for the purposes of reaching demographics that are "underserved" in the sports-advertising world, which is to say Gay Men and Women. 
It's also an opportunity for the Kumbaya crowd to express their own repressed feelings of nationalism under the disguise of a "world-unifying event". 
Except their strain of nationalism tends towards the Communist version. 
The guy at the bar who usually turns his back on the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL game on the television and professes no interest in sports (an aspect of White Male Domination and Fascism, of course), suddenly becomes an overnight expert on the Zimbabwean Rhythmic Gymnastics Team and knows all the rules and stratagems of Water Polo. 
But, there has been one event surrounding these games which has garnered a modicum of my attention......" 
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