Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Overlord Issues Long Overdue DoW Award

"It is a scathing indictment of Modern America when one must consider the distinct possibility that our Vice President's finest oratory was most likely delivered in a seedy motel along a stretch of deserted interstate..." -- The Overlord 

I have not distributed a 'Douchebags of the Week award' in six months.

Primarily, this is because there are typically so many worthy candidates in a particular week that deciding upon a single individual who has achieved excellence in douchedom is a difficult task. In order to relieve myself, somewhat, of this burden, I will begin handing out the awards on a mass basis.

I know: this cheapens the honor and waters down it true value, but then again, we DO happen to live in an unfortunate age where inflation has hit everyone particularly hard and devalued everything else.

And this week's nominees can take a great deal of responsibility for it, too, no matter how much they insist it's everyone else's fault......"

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