Friday, December 20, 2019

Dem Debate #87 - Viking Witch Mops Floor With Mayor Dude.

I really didn't know the Democrats were planning to annoy the listeners of their local Public Radio stations until, while tidying up and doing some decorating, I walked into the room and heard the unmistakable voice of Lizzy Warren screeching from my magical wireless receiver of frequency modulation radio waves. Fortunately, I was moving in and out of the room and didn't have to punish myself for very long at a time to grab a few thoughts of the proceedings for you, sketchy as they are.

It seriously was like walking in and out of a three stooges movie, you heard what's said, but had no idea why. At one point I remember hearing Bernie Sanders, a millionaire himself,  yelling about millionaires and billionaires destroying the country while standing on the stage with his fellow millionaires and a billionaire.  I heard Joe Biden butting heads with Bernie's over his 'Medicare For All' crap because it's a scam and not viable, which really brought out the hand waving, gruff commie curmudgeon that we all know and love. Along the line, Bernie took time out to remind us he was old and white for a reason I cannot tell, and was called out by a moderator for responding to every question up to that point with the same answer, Climate Change! 

Speaking of being white, someone needs to tell Andy Yang to look in the mirror. He's ASIAN, not a person of color. He was standing next to Senator Lizzy who's skin is darker than his! Stop It! Stop It! I was stunned when later I heard him say "if you get too many men alone and leave us alone for a while, we kind of become morons." I said to myself, whoa, a democrat telling the truth? Then I wondered if NPR had just changed programming to a stage play or something, only to learn he was commenting on the need for more women in politics. Yeah, those founding father who gathered together so often back in the day were real morans, huh Andy.

Up until a point Mayor Pete had come across sounding like a very practiced puppet as usual. Then out of the blue, Lizzy started berating Pete about hanging out with his big buck donors in private and drinking $900 bottles of wine in a cave........ I really don't want to know. 

Not long after, the delightful Senator Amy Klobu..blah blah reminded everyone she was from Minnesota and a Woman and she gets things done!  Then she turned into the Viking Witch and proceeded to mop the floor with Mayor Pete over his disrespecting all the legendary legislators he had the privilege standing among. In a back and worth Mayor Pete attempted to defend himself, but the Viking Witch clipped his fairy wings forthwith, showing she can swing a sword with the best of em'.

He had a bad night from what little else I heard. There was also some guy named Tom Snyder or something on stage I never heard say anything.  And far as I know Biden didn't pass out or wander off the stage, and what little I heard him speak to was full of wise gems, like we have to build houses that don't leak. 

Most everything else I heard was just like yapping dogs in the distance.  One wonders if Kamala what's her name was watching, and throwing shoes at the TV and sticking pins in dolls.   Long Live Spartacus!   

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