Sunday, February 28, 2021

Alyssa Milano & The 'Blue Cult' of Conspiracy Theories Do CPAC

They're all sharing the same image that they just learned about today. They genuinely think the floor design of #CPAC2021 is a Nazi dog whistle. 
"Having worked with Norse and Elder Futhark iconography for years, I’m quite alert to the glyph shapes and their associations in the modern world and history. So, why is the #CPAC2021 stage an Odal rune, and specifically one with serifs (or wings) that was used by the SS?" 
And what’s a conspiracy theory without Alyssa Milano to help push it on the tweeter machine? After all, she is may be Hollywood's foremost expert at spotting Nazis.
The venue hosting CPAC has been threaten with boycott, but released a statement basically saying shove off.

The mania behind this is laughable and it shows just how easily the impressionable are led down a path by these propagandist.  It’s also a bit concerning that none of these people have enough critical thinking skills at all to understand that’s not a rational conclusion, and they go on to repeat anyway.  It also shows how unfamiliar they are with Republican thought, they only know what they’ve been told.  While you think that CPAC would be a fun event with interesting speeches and things to do, they think it’s a cabal of racists and white supremacists sharing secret symbols built into the stage, and “attacking” Jim Acosta because attendees chanted “CNN sucks” at him, which was why he was there.

These people are unwell. Take away all their hate, and what's left is a bunch of sniveling crybabies. And I'm being nice. 

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