Sunday, February 7, 2021

Some Random Notes on 46* from the Cheap Seats

The past few weeks have been kinda like a surreal extended road trip with a crazy neighbor that started out as just a simple trip to the 7-11 for beer and smokes as we watched President 46* with his box of pens sign executive orders rescinding just about everything this side of the primary color chart and the Laws of Gravity, even throwing a bone to the gender confused crowd, all while VP kneepads stands over him like a patiently waiting vulture.

Drawing on Joe's vast knowledge and business acumen, his first order of business was to put people out of work and piss off  some injuns. And there are these White House press briefings...every day....with this pasty redhead that when she's not shaking down the press for their questions ahead of time, never gives a straight answer to any questions, but reminds everyone their are now three lefthanded Ethiopian lesbians on staff at the Department of Commerce. Diversity Baby!! And we hear President 46* got on the phone with Vladimir Putin, not his first world leader call but like his ninth, and he actually laid down the law about a hundred things while Vlad clipped his fingernails and laughed in the background we're sure.

President 46* and VP Kneepads also ventured over to the State Department where 46* forcefully delivered (well, as much as a 80 Year old who has to be reminded the zipper goes in front when putting on his pants can) his first major foreign policy address about strengthening the alliances DJT scared shitless by telling them America ain't F**king around no more and making them pay for their defense rather than the US taxpayers. Biden has projected America's might to her enemies by ordering Gay rainbow flags posted in front of all US Embassies.

And we once again have a president who squeezes time into his busy day to sit down with his care taker, whom he loves, and shoot the shit with People Magazine about whatever. In the People interview we find out while Joe is at his pretend job at day care, the first lady...I mean Madam First Lady... uh.. Dr. Jill , is continuing to teach English at Northern Virginia Community College, while Joe remains confused why she teaches English to people who already speak English.  46* said Dr. Jill leaves him important thoughts and messages on the bathroom mirror to make sure he sees them while he's shaving, like to be sure and use a blade.

I'm sure all the wisdom and knowledge gained during the 8 years of important behind the scenes work Joe did as Barky Obama's VP will eventually make it's itself apparent.  🤣🤣🤣  

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