Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Biden Administration Hires Madison Avenue PR Firm to Spin Their Body Blows to America

History will show a dumbass with a pen is far more
dangerous than a smartass with a tweet.

Democrats are known, not just for being whiny little vengeful bitches when they lose, but for also rallying the faithful to spin and cover their ineptness and corruption when in leadership. So why should we expect anything different from Joe and VP kneepads??

The duo is stepping up their game from the irrelevant hollywood weird B list star power of the War-wagon of the 'Impeachment Task Force.' According to POLITICO:
“Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW) on Thursday announced the formation of a new public affairs unit focused specifically on public sector clients." 
"As the new administration ramps up, many agencies will need to develop and launch compelling strategic communications campaigns to disseminate President Biden’s priorities, policies and objectives to the American public,’ said Dan Doherty, BCW’s executive vice president for North America public affairs and head of its crisis practice, in a statement." 
"The new unit is already under contract with a handful of federal agencies including the VA, Commerce Department, Pentagon and HHS."
BCW is a GIANT, multinational, decades-old New York City PR machine. We’re talking Madison Avenue on steroids. They have about 4,000 employees – and their own Wikipedia page. And this giant Madison Avenue PR machine is now being paid GIANT amounts of OUR money. To attempt to sell us on what the Joe Biden Administration is doing to us. This is government attempting to peddle government awfulness just like Ben & Jerry’s peddles ice cream. Except Government Flavor tastes terrible. No matter you sell it.

BCW has a lot of experience selling terrible: Burson-Marsteller consultants were brought in by Union Carbide to conducted public relations work  cover their ass after The Bhopal disaster that killed over 2,000 people at a plant in India.  And Burson-Marsteller conducted public relations work was brought in to cover the asses of  Babcock & Wilcox, the plant’s manufacturer after the Three Mile Island accident of 1979.

Government already has plenty of high paid in-house shills. And now we have government using lots of our money to hire one of Madison Avenue’s hugest shills, one with a long history of spinning really terrible things.

Because the Biden Administration knows they have a lot of terrible things to spin.

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