Tuesday, February 2, 2021

NBC Censors All Mentions of Andrew Cuomo's Complicity in Nursing Home Deaths

Now that the New York Times signaled open season on 'Cuomo the Elder', how many more media outlets will suddenly discover how badly the media star “Love Gov” has handled the COVID-19 response? CNN may not be the only media outlet having to account for its brown-nosing coverage of Cuomo, although they certainly have much to explain.

Via tedious gasbag, reported by Fox News, a women named Dawn Best who lost her father to Cuomo's murderous policies kept finding that any mention of Cuomo was cut out of the interviews she did for the media. She says she began mentioning Andrew Cuomo in every sentence so that they couldn't cut out references to him in editing. So, then they straight-up told her not to blame Andrew Cuomo, but to blame "New York State," if she felt obligated to blame anyone. And she says it wasn't just NBC -- other propaganda mills also covered up for the Democrats.

She also says that Cuomo -- I mean, "New York State" -- has forged the death count for the nursing homes beyond that what is already reported. They rigged the numbers this way: if someone in a nursing home has to be rushed to a hospital because they're dying, and then they die at the hospital, Cuomo ordered that death to be counted as a hospital death, not a nursing home death, even if the patient began coding in the nursing home.

Also via tedious gasbag: The New York Times notes that nine public health experts have recently resigned from Andrew Cuomo's government, I mean, New York State's government. The reason seems to be that Cuomo keeps disregarding the "experts'" plans.  The decision to seed the nursing homes with covid victims was done at the behest of rich hospital association donors, and the decision to make nursing homes immune to lawsuit due to their inability to quarantine sick patients was also done at the behest of rich donors.

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