Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Senate Kabuki Theater - Episode 2

In Episode one of the United States Senate Kabuki Theater production "Impeachment 2.0", we witnessed the Senate Dems proclaiming constitutional righteousness and officially the good guys. With the help of a a slick professionally produced video production, highly edited for effect, the case was made for Dems and a few Repubs to vote for an extended run of their made for cable news mini series.  (Senator William Morgan Cassidy, we need to talk!!)

Pointless as this process is, they fool no one with the High Judge of the production also a sitting juror. And it's not lost on anyone he happens to be a juror who also publicly pronounced the defendant guilty as charged. Just like an old movie western.  Judge, Jury and Hangman.

The reviews so far are generally pants wetting good from the Hollywood hate cheering section. The cable news pundits are fired up and ecstatic.

There's is no advanced word if, or who may be the Dems designated weeper for today's session. They may have to go to the bench since so many high profile Dems have already done their weeping emotional performance for the media during the run up to the hearings.

UPDATE:  There are rumors that ace Middle Finger News Correspondent 'Earl of Taint' may have slipped into the DC disguised as a 'Lady of the Evening' to report on the proceedings. If so, you'll read it here.   


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