Thursday, May 25, 2023

One Ton Karen Triggered - Unhinged Rant Down Range

It's always obvious who the left feels are threats and fear the most, the ones they pounce on like a pack of rabid weasels and don't let up. We've seen it many times before. They twist statements into lies in an all out attempt at destruction of character and reputation. Lately they have been laying in wait, preoccupied with the legal struggles of DJT.  But yesterday, the newest target raised up into the main line of fire. So it should be no surprise to you the first to take big time shots would be one of the Dems protected media class, the untouchable black female. In this case, that would be the anti-Semitic, mavin of on-air farting and leader of the pack, the effervescent Karen Johnson.
PJM - "Whoopi Goldberg went on an unhinged rant ahead of Ron DeSantis’ campaign announcement on Twitter spaces: 
“I don’t understand. I didn’t know what he was saying…. This idea of announcement [sic] on Twitter… do that on television, okay?” Goldberg yelled into the camera, to which the menopausal audience enthusiastically clapped. “I wanna see you do it on television.” “I want to see you take real Americans’ questions,” Goldberg added, apparently so bent out of shape she confused a campaign announcement with a town hall Q&A . 
She then moved on to some kind of weird Charles Manson-esque fantasy about race war, asking rhetorically why DeSantis hates people of color and then abruptly pivoting to a reference to some obscure gay riot from 1975: 
“I don’t want to dislike you. I can’t help it, because you don’t give me any reason, because I don’t understand why do you dislike people of color? What’s wrong with American history? What’s wrong with gay folks? You know, Anita Bryant did this stuff in 1975, and gay folks rose up and fought for what they needed. That’s what’s coming, man! It’s coming, it’s coming. That’s not a threat.” 
Frankly, it’s amazing she can dress herself in the morning. The whole rant had a bizarre dementia-like flavor to it reminiscent of a nursing home resident who thinks the minority staff is stealing her non-existent valuables from her room. These people don’t understand what the internet is or how it works or why it’s going to totally supplant the dinosaur legacy media like The View‘s benefactor, ABC. All that they know is the world is changing in ways they can’t understand, like why a presidential candidate would choose to go to Twitter to announce his campaign rather than one of the dying media outlets they work for. 
But her recent tirade wasn’t the first unintelligible anti-DeSantis rant she’s done on air.  Back in March, she gave a preview of what was to come, lamented that the candidate was not prepared to lead America because something… something… diversity: 
“There are things that are going to come up that you can’t hide, that you can’t fix,” she said. “So dude, you’re not ready for America. You’re not ready for this country yet. ‘Cause you haven’t learned that we are a diverse nation... 
So, you can run if you want to, but I ain’t voting for you.”
I'm sure if you are leaning toward supporting a DeSantis run for the Big House, you would consider Karen's terms acceptable?


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