Wednesday, May 10, 2023

I don't Even........

I don't even to know where to start. There is a shit load of stuff coming down the mountain and in the next few days, and I can't even gather enough thoughts on one thing or another to write a post.  Supposedly today, after the Chairman of the House Intel Committee read the riot act to the FBI over a subpoena or something, plans to spill the beans on Biden family corruption and try and put somebody's nuts in a vice.  And then tomorrow 46 throws open the back door and the entire third world population of the western hemisphere is going to begin a bum rush toward our border to be welcomed by the US military, and the urban natives are getting restless again, to name just a few. 

Starting at 11am this morning, the studio is booked 38 of the next 48 hours. And 14 hours Sunday. So I will have little time post, if at all, so I'll leave this post open until further notice.

It's here for your thoughts on the news as it happens and whatever else floats your boat. I would appreciate y'all dropping a few update for me with your takes. I'll be checking in often. I really don't like being so far away from home when I have feelings like I do now, cause crazy shit tends to happen. That's a post in itself now that I think about it......

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