Friday, September 27, 2013

Israel TV: Iran will have enough uranium for bomb in 2 months

Talk Straight - Hours after an Israeli newspaper quoted a government security source saying that Iran already has at least one nuclear bomb, Israel’s leading Arab affairs analyst offered only a slightly less dramatic assessment, saying the regime in Tehran was no more than “one to two months away” from having sufficient 92% enriched uranium to build its first bomb.

Ehud Yaari, the veteran analyst of Israel’s top-rated Channel 2 TV News, added that Iran also had more sophisticated centrifuges becoming available soon that could cut that time down to just “two or three weeks.”

But I thought the Iranians promised Obama and Kerry that they only wanted nuclear power for electricity or some other peaceful, helping the little folks reason.

I mean, they wouldn’t be calculating and so sinister as to pretend to be nice and friendly just so they can be afforded the time, by a couple of gullible bafoons, to complete a nuclear bomb. Naw! That’s just silly.


  1. This is real simple. Iran is a islamic muslim empire. Who is OUR ENEMY? Why yes Islam and muslims. So of course little King Baraq Oba-me will make these dumb ass peace gestures because he truly believes he is the Messiah. And once again Oba-me has told Israel to go fuck itself. I think little Barry has forgotten Israel and the Jews are God's chosen.

  2. I'm sure Obama will give Iran anything they need.