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Obama's Strategery

Matthew's Weekend Commentary
Okay, I can finally see it now; the Grand Strategery (as George W. Bush would say) by which one Barack Hussein Obama figures to win re-election this November.
Mind you, it was incredibly difficult for me to discern the President's master plan, as it was cloaked in such marvelous subtlety, such painstakingly nuanced language and symbolism, and a healthier-than-usual dose of democratic party crapspeak, that one would have just thought the President an incompetent boob in way over his head at first blush.
However, that facade of stupidity, that shield of sheer Carter-like mediocrity, that veneer of maladroitness has been, all along, merely the cover under which the masterstroke that will ensure victory in 2012 was concealed.
It has to be thus: for no one could be this amateurish, this ineffective, this confused, inept and bungling, even deliberately so.
So, it would appear that Barack Obama will run on the following platform come this election season: 
1. He will continue to lie through his teeth about the economy.  He will cite obviously-cooked government numbers that no one in their right mind believes. He will continue to insist that, economically, up is down, in is out, black is white, that ever-ballooning Federal Deficits and National Debt are actually good things -- investments in the future, as he likes to call them. Obama will continue to try to sell a bill of goods that a federal government that takes more more money out of circulation -- through higher taxes and increased entitlement spending -- at the same time that it continues to pump MORE cash into the economy through a 24/7/365 printing press operation and equally-disastrous "quantitative easing" programs. is just the economic medicine that we need.
 Obama will continue to beat the drum of Class Warfare, trying to pit the Evil Rich (whom he can't seem to stop asking for money with which to berate and attack them, and assholes that they must be, they keep giving it to him) against the Permanent and Professional Poor, citing the emotionally-appealing argument about "fairness" that he's made for near-on four years, but has yet to adequately explain in a way that actually makes sense.
 Soon, very soon, Obama will suddenly "pivot" (lie) and refute three years of his own economic policy, demanding a (mostly -symbolic) reduction in taxes, a (mostly-symbolic) lessening of the regulatory burden, demanding sudden accountability from a government apparatus -- his own base of support --that leaks money like a sieve.
 There will be a continued insistence on throwing money down the toilet in the form of "government investments" in Green Energy, the Educational Establishment, new-and-improved mortgage scams that basically will allow deadbeats to keep their houses -- at least for a few months longer -- at taxpayer expense, more Cash-for-Clunkers type stupidity, in other words, economic policies which do nothing to improve the economy as a whole, but do everything to destroy resources that otherwise might have gone to raise general standards of living (thus making people too comfortable and, therefore, not needing government intervention in their lives). This is still the best way to go, according to Obama, even though it is obvious that these policies do nothing to improve the employment situation and only pile up heavier and heavier debts.
 Barack Obama does not know how to fix the American economy, because he knows nothing about economics; this much has been clear since Day One of this Administration. Three-plus years of the worst experience one might imagine on the topic has convinced Obama that the way to go is to simply double-down on stupid and hope no one notices.
2. The Obama Machine will continue it's largely manufactured "winning issue" of a so-called Conservative War on Women. The fact that this ersatz blitzkrieg against the fairer sex was, in fact, started by his own side over an issue which means ultimately nothing, will be conveniently forgotten by most people with room-temperature IQ's, and vehemently denied by most democratic talking heads and Obama surrogates on television and in the press.
The issue was, and always is, abortion. It may be wrapped in other guises -- a fight over subsidized birth control, the funding of Planned Parenthood under the screen of providing breast cancer screenings, and so forth -- but it always about abortion, the Birth Control of Last Resort, and the only way a Feminist can ever truly express her complete contempt for both freedom and human life. It is a false flag issue, a red herring designed to whip the libtard foot soldiers up into a frenzy, and to distract their opponents by making them have to answer false allegations and charges, taking them off message which is "it's still the economy, and we're not stupid..."
 Expect more of this teacup tempest gender guerrilla warfare in the weeks to come. Pretty soon, we'll see a congressional food fight over several domestic violence bills before the House, we'll probably be treated to a few dog-and-pony shows over private sector hiring practices, more nonsense coming soon on things like family leave policies, and what have you, that will all be woven into the fabric of this make-believe War on Women.
 Please note that the actual people who may be carrying on an actual war -- like the people who put out that Obama Campaign Julia presentation -- will wrap themselves in the noble mantle of "fighting for Women's freedoms" while they make the argument that the only truly free and equal woman is one who is a slave to the government with the ability to abort her inconvenient children.
3. In foreign affairs, the strategy seems to go something like this:
 a. Stall on Iran, hiding behind the fig leaf of "diplomacy" which anyone with two functioning brain cells knows hasn't got a snowball's chance in Hades of ever working.
 b. Hide behind the U.N. and E.U. and NATO as often as possible.
 c. Negotiate our eventual surrender to the Taliban and withdrawal from Afghanistan,leaving a significant terrorist infrastructure in place, because God forbid we're not building schools and teaching Afghans not to wipe their asses with the same hand they eat with before we've actually defeated the enemy.
 d. Cower before the Chinese, either out of pure cravenness, or perhaps out of sympathy between the Obama Administration and the Chinese Communists Party. After all, it's not like one is able to distinguish one from the other, most days.
 e. Continue to let the Chinese and Russians cornhole us, and dictate our course of action on a wide variety of issues, including Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Energy independence, missile defense, economics, and so forth.
 f. Continuing to avoid having to explain the bizarre notion that the Muslim Brotherhood was a democratic force for good in Egypt, that American involvement in war in Libya was in the national interest, while inaction in Syria is somehow an enlightened policy. I'm still waiting to hear how Candidate Obama -- who opposed America at War in Iraq -- justifies War in Libya in terms that don't include the phrases "The Arab League", "The United Nations", "The European Union"..
 Barack Obama will try to sell you the following bill of goods: the world is more peaceful than it ever was under his tutelage. America is once again respected around the world. we have strengthened old alliances and made progress against the enemies of freedom. We have "won" the War on man-Caused Catastrophe, or whatever they're calling it this week, and the proof is that Usama Bin Laden git his fuckin' face shot off, dude!
4. In domestic affairs, Obama will champion-while-not-really-championing fringe social issues, particularly Gay Marriage. It was vintage Obama to come out in favor of Same-Sex Marriage in the same week that it was soundly rejected in North Carolina (imagine this: Obama heads into the convention in Charlotte, beating the drum for gay nuptials, in the middle of a state that overwhelmingly and publicly rejected such a thing), calling for more understanding and less rancor, while promising to do everything he could to eliminate the obstacles between Lance and Brad and that $14,000 Vera Wang wedding dress, except...
 ..that there's not a whole lot that Obama can do, even as President.
 Marriage is defined and licensed by the States, not the federal Government. So, Obama has pledged unyielding support to an issue he can hardly do a thing to advance. Which is pretty much the story of the entire Obama Administration to date, so don't be disappointed; you voted for this slug, and this is what you got.
 This is terrific red meat for the Leftard Base, but it ultimately costs Obama more votes than it gets him, when you stop to consider that African-Americans, in particular, are vehemently opposed to gay Marriage.
 On other domestic fronts, Obama will continue to play the race card at every opportunity. In fact, he's having the entire deck re-stacked with nothing but race cards, and they should be flying faster-and-more-furiously the closer we get to his Doomsday. In the coming weeks, asking Eric Holder to answer subpoenas from Congress on Fast and Furious and things like that will be condemned as "racist". Any republican that steps forward against this or that bit of federal welfare spending will be tarred with the epithet "racist". It will soon be "racist' to even mention Barack Obama in polite conversation if you're white. The election will be cast as an Us vs. Them sort of convention, with a return to Jim Crow and full-blown Slavery with all the AIDS you can handle should Obama be defeated.
 ObamaCare will still be touted as the Greatest Thing, Evah! Despite the fact that it STILL doesn't truly kick in for another 2 years, no one STILL knows just what the fuck is in it, and the Supreme Court just might strike the whole thing down as unconstitutional, anyway. That sort of defeat will be painted as a victory for the racist republicans who hate women, children, the elderly and Blacks, and who want to live in a world up to their armpits in filthy air and water.
 You will hear more of the "obstructionist Republican" meme that has been an Obama standby for the last two years, despite the fact that his own democratic-majority Senate hasn't brought a single bill of consequence up for a vote, and hasn't submitted a single budget proposal during the entire Obama regime.
 The Obamatards will distance themselves from the Occupy Wall Street movement they once fostered, after the truth about such collections of hippies could no longer be hidden; these are lazy, disgusting, violent retards, with a criminal and terrorist fringe, gathered under the banner of the democratic party for no good reason and to do little else but disrupt, cause chaos and intimidate. What once looked like a potentially valuable adjunct to the Obama campaign has now been disowned faster than the proverbial red-headed stepchild.
 Expect electoral day violence. Expect voter fraud accusations up the ying-yang. Expect to see huge crowds of union goons and Black panthers and Nation of Islam dipshits standing outside poling places ready to beat up and intimidate people doing their civic duty -- and possibly saving their own lives -- and voting for Anybody But Obama.
 It'll all be hyperbole 24/7/365 from now until Election day, and even then, expect trouble; if you thought the Al Gore Extended temper Tantrum in the fall of 2000 was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Obama people (particularly Michelle) are perfectly capable of taking Sore Loser-hood to newer and uncharted heights.
So, in a nutshell; Barack Obama's strategy is to continue that which he has done from Day One, which is to lie, to dissemble, to split hairs, to make shit up as he goes along. He will continue to gloat over his one, real victory (the killing of Usama Bin Laden), and portray all of his failures -- too many to list here -- as the results of obstructionism, racism, sexism, class-ism, et. al., in a repeat of the infamous Soviet meme of "a conspiracy of Reactionary forces against the Revolution". It's a sorry state of affairs.
Then again, Barack Obama was always a sorry excuse for a president.
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  1. Damn Diogenes, I was trying to think of something to add to this but you have covered The One's asshattery completely and totally. ;)

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