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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Florida Caveman Wants to Be United States Senator

It’s Nice to Want Things

Floridian Troglodyte (homograycian)

Rep. Alan Grayson may be married to a bigamist. He’s compared the Tea Party to the KKK. He also wants to replace Marco Rubio in the Senate. Republicans couldn't be more thrilled.

Daily Beast
Alan Grayson is prone to making the type of outrageous comments on cable television that would make you squirm if they came from your drunk uncle at a family dinner. He is currently in the middle of a trial to determine if his wife is a bigamist and if they were ever even legally married. The trial is being delayed because her breast implants are leaking. And, besides all that, Grayson is a United States congressman considering a run for Senate.
 Grayson, who was just elected to his third term on Capitol Hill, has cast himself as a progressive champion. The Orlando-area Democrat has spent much of his second stint in Congress—he lost in the Tea Party wave of 2010 after his first election in 2008 and then won an open seat in 2012 after redistricting.
 he is best known for making bombastic, controversial remarks. He has compared the Tea Party to the KKK, alleged that Ted Cruz was ineligible to run for president, and claimed that the Republican alternative to Obamacare was encouraging the sick to die quickly. He also ran an ad in 2010 in which he compared his Republican opponent to the Taliban.  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The NAACP’s Monster Under the Bed

The NAACP’s sole weapon is fear. The organization gets its way because many businesses and public figures live in fear of being slapped with the label “racist.” But what, if anything, frightens the NAACP? No, it’s not your conservative blog or podcast, so don’t flatter yourself.
However, there is one person who scares the bejesus out of the NAACP leadership, and he’s one of their own officials: an unstoppable, unkillable bugbear named Reverend Curtis Everette Gatewood.   NAACP leaders cower in his presence.
 Reverend Curtis Everette Gatewood of the NAACP 
Gatewood dislikes Jews, Israel, immigrants, and non-Christians. He’s damned Hillary Clinton supporters to hell, applauded the Baltimore rioters, compared black moms who stop their sons from rioting to white slave masters, co-organized a protest meeting at which Obama was repeatedly called a “nigger,” and pledged the NAACP’s support to an organization that opposes the NAACP, hurls racist bile at Asian immigrants and Jews, and calls Martin Luther King an “uncle Tom.”
And yet the national NAACP can’t, or won’t, get rid of the guy.
He pledged the support of his NAACP chapter to the African People’s Socialist Party/Uhuru Movement, a black separatist organization that seeks to foment a violent revolution to create an independent black nation on U.S. soil. 
The Uhuru militants have, in the past, called for the murder of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (in retaliation for him not ordering the mass execution of white South Africans following the end of Apartheid), and the expulsion of “parasitic” Asian immigrants and business owners. On a broadcast of the Uhuru radio program, Gatewood stated that his NAACP chapter stands 100% behind Uhurus’ goals.  
Read The Rest
This man is an ordained minster. It’s as good a time as any to remind Christians that some of God’s biggest enemies stand in pulpits and have many followers and advocates where you least expect them.   

Monday, March 16, 2015

More Nonsense From The Nutsack of Congress


Rep Barbra Lee ( Dimwit-CA)

By Cheryl Chumley
The latest Democratic brainstorm is a "got to see it to believe it" piece of legislation aimed at stopping wars around the world – by creating a Department of Peacebuilding.
How very forward-thinking of the left. Or perhaps, more specifically, how forward-thinking of Rep. Barbara Lee, the California Democrat who devised the piece of legislation, H.R. 1111, with the creative fortitude to begin its descriptive text with reference to our Founding Father's vision for our nation, followed closely by quotes from the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution.
Only the boldest of Democrat could suggest the establishment of such a massively bureaucratic government venture by waving the very founding documents that pressed limited federal powers.
Points for Lee for the sheer impudence of it.
The cost? This bill calls for "such sums as may be necessary" for the newly created department, including what's needed for the various created offshoot offices to give out grant dollars to those schools and non-government groups desiring to be trained on all matters of peace.
The bill only has a handful of cosponsors – all Democrats, and more to truth, all the most leftist-of-left Deemocrats. And it's probably not going anywhere near the full House floor for a vote, at least while Republicans still hold the majority. But that's not really the point.
The larger issue is: Why do politicians always think they can solve all the world's problems?
Lee and her Department of Peacebuilding supporters no doubt truly believe that simply spreading the word of peace – by getting together and sitting down in a group, identifying problems, rationalizing solutions, hashing out consensus and shaking hands on an agreement – will somehow, miraculously, bring about a peaceful coexistence among all of humanity. But that's just na├»ve to the level of ridiculous. Not to mention dangerous; that's the mentality the Obama administration touts on all its foreign policy dealings with even those nations that want to harm the West.
It's that line of thinking that defies the truths about war and peace and the matters and motivations of human hearts. It negates the fact that true evil exists – and fails to recognize evil as the springboard for war. And it outright ignores common sense principles. In Lee's mind, and those of her cohorts, the solution to war is building a new government facility and creating a new federal bureaucracy and hiring new government workers who will talk and meet and give out taxpayer dollars so more government workers can talk and meet. 
It just doesn't make sense that making a new federal department -- and throwing money at a new government bureaucracy -- will purify the human heart to the point that worldwide peace prevails.
Editors Note: Ms. Lee represents a district that includes Berkley Ca. She graduated fron UC. Berkley in 1973 and went to work as a aid to Ron "RED" Dellums 1975, and later was elected to his seat. She is in her 9th term as a congress peoples, and has never held a public sector job. The above story should then be of no surprise....... 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

George Soros Funded Commie Claims Mantle of MLK

Notorious Red Exploits King Legacy

Janel Davis of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a “noted scholar, author and veteran civil rights activist", Angela Davis, will deliver the keynote address January 18 at Kennesaw State University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance. 

This is the same notorious snaggle-toothed  60's radical Angela Davis “who supported the imprisonment of Soviet political dissidents (calling them common criminals), cheered on the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, and was awarded the International Lenin Peace Prize (formerly the International Stalin Peace Prize) by communist East Germany. 

Davis shaking hands with the former Stalinist East German dictator, Erich Honecker

Davis, former self-styled "political prisoner", tried and acquitted of suspected involvement in the abduction and murder of Judge Harold Haley in Marin County California in 1970, unrepentant Communist Party member, the US Communist Party Vice-Presidential candidate in 1980 and 1984, and now retired professor of history of consciousness and feminist studies at UC Santa Cruz.

Davis was made an honorary professor at Moscow State University. When she toured the Soviet Union she was used as a propaganda tool by the Brezhnev government. The torture, judicial executions, slave labour camps, political famines and mass murders of the Communist world weren't Davis’s concern.

From AIM
Now Davis is claiming the mantle of Dr. Martin Luther King, a man honored by Americans for his commitment to peaceful change. Many young blacks may be duped into believing that Davis is somehow in the same league as Dr. King, as a result of papers like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution sanitizing her career. The Davis speech is sponsored by the Kennesaw State African-American Student Alliance.
Martin Luther King was controversial in his day but obviously is a much more accepted figure. Things like that change. 
One thing that has changed is that we have a media which censors the truth about people like Davis who rip off the system in order to destroy it.
In addition to pocketing tens of thousands of capitalist dollars from colleges and universities, the Angela Davis group called Critical Resistance,  gets massive funding from noted leftest George Soros through his Open Society Foundation.
Critical Resistance aims to empty the prisons of the United States, since criminals are considered victims of a capitalist society.
Those who believe communism is dead might be surprised to learn that in 2012 she gave a speech calling for “combating anti-communism.” At the same time, she has adopted the cause of radical Islam, declaring “Islamophobia” to be a major threat, the communist People’s World reported. 
The phenomenon of utopia-seeking Western intellectuals and the idealization of other social systems as essentially superior, whatever their "flaws" is due to estrangement. In other words, a disparagement of the West, a subculture of alienation, an adversary culture obsessed with the defects of its own society; hence their lack of self-criticism, shame, and guilt, much the same as we see in Black culture of America today. 

From my reading of history, that's not exactly what MLK had in mind.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Last Day of Southern Congressional Democrats

Jonathan Tobin

The outcome of tomorrow’s Louisiana Senate runoff election is not in much doubt. With the most recent state poll showing Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy with a whopping 26-point lead over incumbent Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, it is a virtual certainty that the last vote of the 2014 midterms will ensure that the GOP will have a 54-46 Senate majority in January. Even before the votes are counted, the result is being rightly touted as the end of the Democratic Party in the South. But while the reasons for this are worth examining, it’s also important to point out that the implications of this trend have more than a regional impact.

Just as the Democrats have developed a built-in advantage in the Electoral College in presidential elections, a new solid South in the hands of the Republicans means they have now acquired an equally potent edge that should allow them to retain control of Congress for the foreseeable future.

As Nate Cohn writes in the New York Times’s Upshot section, though most put the shift of the South into the GOP column down to race, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Democrats survived and even thrived at times in the Deep South decades after Richard Nixon’s “Southern strategy” enabled Republicans to flip the region into the GOP column in presidential elections. But the steady drift of the Democratic Party to the left on social, cultural, and economic issues has now alienated most voters in these states and left moderate Democrats like Landrieu increasingly isolated from both their constituencies and their national party.

As Cohn notes, blaming this solely on alleged white racism or on a backlash against President Obama ignores the fact that Democratic losses in the South can be traced to the way the party has embraced liberal issues that energize its northern and urban base but which alienates southerners:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Al Sharpton Takes Part-time Job to Help Pay Off Taxes

After an advisory meeting with the President and prominent members of the race-baiting community after the recent Grand Jury decisions, Al Sharpton will tune up his bullhorn and lead a march for justice Sharpton style, pass the hat and work off some of the 4.5 million in taxes he has managed to weasel out of while his buddy has sat in the White House. 

The Hill
"Al Sharpton’s National Action Network is organizing the National March Against Police Violence for Saturday, Dec. 13. His action comes, after separate grand juries declined to indict white officers in the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in New York City.
A flyer on the group’s website says Sharpton will be joined by the families of Garner, Brown, and Akai Gurley, a black man accidentally killed by a New York police officer in November. He described the march as promoting “jobs and justice,” and likened it to the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the famous 1963 march that culminated in Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream" speech.
“Marches and boycotts led to the ’64 Civil Rights Act, the ’65 Voting Rights Act,” Sharpton said, adding that he hopes next week’s march will inspire federal action."
Maybe Rev Al should consider doing a march for respect of law and authority and the civil rights of law abiding people of America that his constituency of thugs fail to recognize, and causes mistrust of black males he so seems needs defending. But then again, guess there's no money to be made there. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Poor Kids in Baltimore Have It Worse Than Those in Nigeria

Obama's America Continues to Deteriorate 

The destruction of black America under the leadership of Barack Obama is unprecedented since the abolition of slavery, yet they follow blindly, yelling racism.

"When a teenager from East Baltimore was asked to describe his neighborhood, he spoke of “big rats going around in people’s trash, vacant houses full of squatters and needles on the ground.” A young woman in New Delhi, asked the same question, described the dirt and the “dirty water found lying on the roads,” while a young man in Ibadan, a large city in Nigeria, spoke of the smell of urine and streets “littered with paper and other refuse.”
All three teenagers live in the poorest neighborhoods in their communities and were surveyed as part of the WAVE” study, a global research project that examines the well-being of adolescents in vulnerable environments around the world. Led by Dr. Kristen Mmari, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health, the survey assessed health challenges faced by 2,400 15- to 19-year-olds from impoverished areas in Baltimore, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Ibadan and New Delhi, as well as their perceptions of their environments.
The researchers found many similarities—in all five cities, adolescents were exposed to unsanitary conditions, substance abuse and violence—but the differences between each area were especially compelling. Overall, teenagers in Baltimore and Johannesburg, despite being located in comparably wealthy countries, had far worse health outcomes and tended to perceive their communities more negatively."

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hillary Wades Deeper Into the Left Wing Pool of Delusion.

In June of this year, I posted about reported rumors that Obama had authorized his chief political adviser, Valerie Jarrett, to conduct a full-court press to convince Fauxcahontas Warren to throw her hat into the ring for 2016: 
Some say Barrack Obama is quietly encouraging Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren to enter the 2016 election and challenge perennial front runner, Hillary Clinton should she run. This would have two important results. Keep women's interest focused on the democrats, and a useful idiot's defense of his leftest policy gains and legacy, thus shore up the base of low info voters that were key to defeating Clinton in the 2008 primaries.
It seems Hillary Clinton may be taking these rumors seriously, possibly explaining the friction between her and the President as of late. And recent comments bare out, at least on the surface, that she may have started her jerk to the left and warm up to the democrat base and Lo-Fo voters before her announcement to run. 

Rob Janicki has this take on her recent comments:
Hillary Clinton, echoing the radical loons of the far left, has managed to move toward that craziest of liberal loons, Elizabeth Warren, rumored to be a challenger to Hillary in the 2016 Democratic presidential campaign.  Clinton must be in fear of Warren's mounting appeal to the far left base of the Democrat Party and has decided to act now to stake out or, at least, contend for that insane far left territory of the 'delusional ones'.  
On Friday, while delivering a stump speech in Boston for Martha Coakley, the Democrat candidate for governor of Massachusetts, Hillary echoed Warren's and Obama's comments that businesses don't create jobs.  It was moronic when Obama said it and when Warren mimicked him.  Now, Hillary seems to be reinventing that crazy notion as her own.
 “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs......You know that old theory, ‘trickle-down economics......That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.”
“You know, one of the things my husband says when people say ‘Well, what did you bring to Washington,’ he said, ‘Well, I brought arithmetic....." 
Well, if Bill Clinton brought arithmetic with him to the White House, it must have been the forerunner of the Common Core math curriculum, because nobody else, other than a socialist can understand Hillary's math skills as they pertain to business.
Hillary is simply mimicking Marxist propaganda in an appeal to the "working class".  Let's not forget that the "working class" does not put up any of their own money at risk when they work for wages.  They perform the work they are paid to do and then they draw their pay.  In the process, the working class plays their role in the process of creating wealth, which, in part, pays their wages, but that's not all they might receive.
Many businesses provide employee stock participation programs with matching contributory funds.  The idea being that if employees have a financial stake in the success of the business, they will be motivated to perform at a high level of productivity.  If the business becomes more profitable, then employees, become stock holders (part owners) of the business and become enriched beyond their earned wages and enjoy the profits as stakeholders in the business venture. 
Watch for more of Hillary's swing to the far left to pre-empt and dull Elizabeth Warren's march to Marxism.

Rob Janicki is a retired educator, strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and all around good guy,
as well as owner/operator of the website Wired Right  and owes me 20 bucks. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Look Who Turns 60 Today....

Happy Birthday Reverend Al

We at times don't have the slightest idea what you're saying,
and most of the time think you don't know either

But because of you're valiant defense of the President with the gusto of a used car salesman and teleprompter skills second to none, America is willing to overlook your comments on Jews, Homos, Mormons, Crackers and Tawana Brawley, denial of acting as government rat informant and of tax evasions charges, as tens-of-hundreds of loyal viewers watch you nightly on MSNBC as your mouth frequently outruns it's supply lines and you march gallantly off a cliff into broadcast history.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Calling Out Mary Landrieu

Saturday, a group of pro-life women, including Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., and Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, gathered to call out Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., for being out of touch with her constituents.
“Not only has Sen. Landrieu voted for taxpayer funding of abortion and against conscience rights, she refuses to support a common sense, compassionate limit on abortion after five months when the child can feel excruciating pain, Sen. Landrieu has failed to stand up for pro-life Louisiana values and must be defeated.” 
As for the mid-term election: A judge on Friday threw out a lawsuit challenging Landrieu’s residency in the state.

Landrieu is shooting for her fourth term, and is set to become chairman of the Senate Energy Committee (a cheap attempt by Harry Reid to bolster her importance and influence for the eyes of voters in the state) but constituents don’t seem to be impressed: The latest Rasmussen poll shows Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La.has taken a three-point lead in the race, 44 percent to 41 percent.

But that still falls within the margin of error and doesn't cover the built-in voter fraud so wide spread in democrat strong-holds of the southern parishes.  Neither candidate seems poised to get to 50 percent, which is necessary to avoid a December runoff in Louisiana’s open primary system.  

All said, with the Tea-Party candidate polling at 8-9% and refusing to drop out and swing his support to Cassidy, Landrieu is sure to make the runoff, and in all probability, again squeeze out a win.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yaps at Take Hillary Clinton to the Woodshed

I love when the left eats it own...

Hillary Clinton made headlineswhen she criticized the Obama administration for its disconnect to the violence against minority populations in Iraq and Syria. As Islamic State terrorists continue their rein of murder and beheadings across the region, the likely 2016 presidential contender took a critical position against Obama’s inaction, specifically regarding Syrian rebels who could have helped suppress the uprising at its infancy.

This from the women who once called Bashar al-Assad of Syria "a reformer"
“The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators of the protests against Assad – there were Islamists, there were secularists, there was everything in the middle – the failure to do that left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled."
Due to her perceived pro-military stance, fellow leftists have now turned on her., for example, issued a scathing critique of Clinton’s statement on the site Tuesday.

The disparaging declaration seemed to suggest that the former secretary of state would be unelectable in the Democrat Party due to her belief in shutting down terrorist regimes that threaten the U.S. and it allies.

Hillary is just moving right to distance herself from Obama's disastrous foreign policy, and to cover her ineptness as his Secretary of State.

Obama's Most Successful Accomplishment.......Division

"....the sheer “I won” in-your-face immaturity of the Obamaites — remember the “Hey, Hey, Goodbye” chant to Bush at the inauguration — ensured that people would be angrier than normal. And they did that on purpose because a sharply divided nation suited them politically. Now Ron Fournier wonders if Americans would rally behind Obama after another 9/11 the way we rallied behind Bush, and I think the answer is no — because Obama has spent his entire time in office flicking boogers at half the country.
As I’ve said before, the reason why presidents traditionally act “presidential” isn’t because they’re stiffly formal, it’s because acting presidential, rather than purely political, lets you appeal to the whole country in ways that a pure partisan can’t. Obama doesn’t care, and we may very well pay for that, too. But elections have consequences, and when you elect a guy like Obama, the consequences are bad ones." - Glenn Reynolds