Thursday, January 21, 2016

Florida Caveman Wants to Be United States Senator

It’s Nice to Want Things

Floridian Troglodyte (homograycian)

Rep. Alan Grayson may be married to a bigamist. He’s compared the Tea Party to the KKK. He also wants to replace Marco Rubio in the Senate. Republicans couldn't be more thrilled.

Daily Beast
Alan Grayson is prone to making the type of outrageous comments on cable television that would make you squirm if they came from your drunk uncle at a family dinner. He is currently in the middle of a trial to determine if his wife is a bigamist and if they were ever even legally married. The trial is being delayed because her breast implants are leaking. And, besides all that, Grayson is a United States congressman considering a run for Senate.
 Grayson, who was just elected to his third term on Capitol Hill, has cast himself as a progressive champion. The Orlando-area Democrat has spent much of his second stint in Congress—he lost in the Tea Party wave of 2010 after his first election in 2008 and then won an open seat in 2012 after redistricting.
 he is best known for making bombastic, controversial remarks. He has compared the Tea Party to the KKK, alleged that Ted Cruz was ineligible to run for president, and claimed that the Republican alternative to Obamacare was encouraging the sick to die quickly. He also ran an ad in 2010 in which he compared his Republican opponent to the Taliban.