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Friday, November 23, 2018

Chicago Jesus Drops By Food Bank With Camera Crew In Tow

The incorrigible narcissist Barack Obama continues to seek attention in this post-White House years, and on Wednesday paid a holiday visit to a Chicago area food bank. I hate to be cynical about such events, but when you bring your own camera crew to something like this it leads people to believe your appearance is less about helping the disadvantaged with their Thanksgiving dinners than just another cynical public relations gimmick of the type that he is famous for. But to some, he is still "Chicago Jesus."

Here’s how the lunatics at the black identity extremist site The Root put it, “Black America’s Forever President Barack Obama Volunteers at Chicago Food Bank”
"While the punk-ass president continues to desecrate the highest office in the land, black America’s forever president and current president of Wakanda, Barack Obama, continues to make us miss him after he made a surprise visit to volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. 
According to ABC 7 Chicago, arguably the best president to step his Florsheims in the Oval Office dropped by Tuesday to help some 60 volunteers pack “food to be sent to the food bank’s network of 700 community distribution sites throughout Chicago and Cook County."
Just like his presidency was, the cheesy bastard’s life is just one big "Look At Me" reality show.

(Chicago 7)

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

BLM: Police Handing Out Free Ice Cream Part of a Genocidal Plot.

 A Cold Tool of Genocide: Vanilla Ice Cream!  
The Black Lives Matter movement apparently doesn’t like free ice cream. And according to their website, they will be skipping over the freebies. In a recent article released on their website, the Black Lives Matter movement has called for a refusal in accepting the “ice cream handouts”. Their rhetoric is calling these community policing methods, “feel-good propaganda.” This is in spite of the fact that they bring about positive changes and build trust between police and their communities.
“Policing and the system under which police work exists is bound to the enslavement, degradation, and murder of Black people and was never meant to protect us, but instead to exploit our bodies and labor to fill prisons and bolster capitalism”. 
They continue in a tirade that there is “overwhelming evidence that [black people] are indeed unfairly policed and killed”, even claiming that America has a “killer cop problem”.
As offensive as this bombastic writing is, possibly the most shocking allegation is that police do not “regard people as fully human”. That pitiful assertion leads to them concluding that the current system of policing needs to be defunded and thrown away in lieu of an “alternative systems for security and accountability.”
I took special notice of their emphasis on the word “police” and “policing” as it related to what they claim to be an oppressive system; and then later the lack thereof of the word “policing” in their solution. Rather they propose a disempowered system of security and accountability.
As we watch the most recent violence, rioting, looting, and pyromania in Milwaukee – one important truth is being revealed: With the Black Lives Matter supporters trying to destroy yet another American city, their system of security and accountability only demonstrates a violent, self-indulgent, excuse to avoid responsibility and blame others for everything wrong in their life.
This movement began under false pretenses and ignorance, if not just a downright refusal to accept facts. A polluted spring will never produce clean water. Thus, we should not be surprised that their current pandering and activity is any more factual or logical than it was from its origin...."

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tell Me Again Why I should Care About #BLM?

It’s well known that in cities like Chicago and Baltimore, people like to spend long weekends blazing away at each other in the streets. Even with extra cops on the beat, they can't  stop the bloodshed.  A recent story in the Chicago Tribune included a handy map showing where the city's shootings happen. The big dots are  multiple victims, and the red dots are fatalities. There are five rather than four red dots, because someone was knifed to death. The article also told us about some of the nice people–including a 14-year-old girl–who were killed.  

What it didn’t tell us was who did the shooting. Not one word. Police superintendent Eddie Johnson was sure about one thing, though. He said the weekend was “another example of too many guns on the street.” Too many guns.
“Nearly all the shootings were in the West and South”–those guns seem to congregate in these places. The Tribune added that these very neighborhoods “bore the brunt of shootings during the Memorial Day weekend as well.”
I looked up the Chicago Tribune article about the Memorial Day mayhem and learned that there were 69 shootings and six dead. But again not one word on who, if anyone, is firing those guns. If you go all the way back to January 2 of this year, the Tribune tried to explain the violence in a long piece called, “Chicago Violence, Homicides, and Shootings up in 2015.”

There was lots of information: historical trends in crime rates, comparisons of Chicago with other big cities, a list of neighborhoods that are getting more dangerous, a sad story about a teacher shot in his own driveway, and even a policeman who says some people will shoot you if you insult them on Twitter.

But who’s pulling the triggers on these guns of which there are too many. Not one word. The Tribune tells us where the guns show up. It tells us people are being shot. Until 2010, the Chicago police told us what race the perps were. That year, a black person was 24 times more likely than a white person to be arrested for murder, and 27 times more likely to be arrested for robbery. The figures for Hispanics were seven and four times more likely. If, in 2010, Chicago had been all-white, murder and robbery would have dropped 90 percent. Rape would have dropped by 80 percent.

2010 is the year Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor, and maybe it’s just a coincidence, but the next year, the Chicago PD stopped saying who the perps were. A different report, about murder only, continued to come out until 2011, but then it got snuffed out, too. But when blacks commit murder at 24 times the white rate, the media hushes it up. The papers don’t breathe a word. Somewhere, out there, where their readers never go, it’s just the wild wild West. Instead the newspapers and politicans , and everyone else jabbers about guns and gun violence when the problem is blacks and black violence–and Hispanic violence.  

And you expect people to sympathize with your BLM movement when you and your culture teaches your children hate for the police, and time and time again you attack police while temporarily being detained for their own protection, or as a convicted felon are shot while resist arrest and trying to pull an illegal concealed weapon? 

Nope. Not me. STOP KILLING EACH OTHER FIRST and abide by the law ........and then get back to me. 

And here is your Dallas Hero after the cops got through with him!

Pretty Much My Attitude About The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WaPo: U.S. Allies Can't Wait for Obama to be Gone

Cain TV:
If you can think back this far, the U.S. populace was down on George W. Bush this time eight years ago in part because he supposedly had alienated our allies by being a go-it-alone cowboy. The remedy for this was to elect the cool guy who gave speeches about how we all have to listen to each other and all that sort of thing.
We did find out, did we not, that there is a huge difference between saying something in a speech and actually doing it? Today America's allies would surely love to have Bush back, since despite what you heard from the media, he did not insult them nor did he disregard their concerns. 
As the Washington Post of all sources reports in devastating detail, it's Barack Obama who does all that:
Even before he became president, Obama introduced himself to the world as a multilateralist who aimed to solve the thorny problems of the 21st century collaboratively. “True partnership and true progress . . . require allies who will listen to each other, learn from each other and, most of all, trust each other,” Obama told adoring crowds in Berlin in 2008.
He followed up that speech one year later in Cairo by quoting verses from the Koran, acknowledging America’s mistakes and calling for a new partnership with the Muslim world “based upon mutual interest and mutual respect.”
Seven years later, the soaring, optimistic language of those early speeches has long since been subsumed by the messy reality of war and diplomacy. Obama has not been able to forge a close rapport with many world leaders.
The president’s cold-eyed view was apparent last year after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly by two militant gunmen. World leaders from Germany, France and Britain marched through the streets of Paris with longtime adversaries such as the Israeli prime minister and the head of the Palestinian Authority. No senior official from the United States marched with the European leaders, prompting a rare apology from the White House.
“I’ve never heard that Obama has a personal relationship with any of them,” said Xenia Wickett, head of the Americas program at the London-based think tank Chatham House. “It is neither hot nor cold. There is no personal relationship.”
For Britons especially, that’s a break from a long history of starry-eyed relationships between leaders across the Atlantic. Roosevelt and Churchill. Reagan and Thatcher. Bush and Blair. Obama, the mixed-race child of a single mother, and Cameron, a stockbroker’s son with royal lineage, have never had the same kind of personal chemistry. -
For all his campaign talk about reaching out with an open hand, blah blah blah, he knows he gets no political benefit when he makes the concerns of our allies a priority. Also, he genuinely doesn't care about them. 
Americans might want to take that into account when they pick the next president. It's not about how well a candidate says things, nor is it about how much you didn't like the last guy. It's about a candidate's demonstrated and proven priorities. Obama's priority is himself. Don't pick a new president whose obvious priority is and always has been herself.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Delta Force Units Training for January 20, 2017 Mission

"Watch Out Men, She's Got a Sniper Rifle"

MFNS - Middle Finger News Service has confirmed rumors that have swirled for weeks in the military community of the training of special forces units for a secret mission, slated for inauguration Day 2017.  Lt. General Ward Hawk of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Central Command (Delta) told MFNS the Pentagon has given the green light to special training of Delta Force Commando Units.

The mission (code named unknown) came about because of intelligence gathered recently by White House Military Personal of a disturbing private conversion overheard between two White House residents. 

In a tape of a loud and spirited conversation recorded in the White House family residence, Marion 'Moms' Robinson, Mother of First Lady Michelle Obama, reportedly told her daughter she felt slighted after reading the false reports in a fake news source, The Boston Tribune, and spread by idiot bloggers that Moms Robinson was to receive a $160,000 publicly funded retirement.  During the same conversation Mrs. Robinson was angrily heard to say she was "under no circumstances" leaving the White House after Mr. Obama's term is up:
"I know that big eared nigga I told you not to marry is gonna take my daughter and grand babies off to live in the lap of luxury in Hawaii and send my ass back to an old folks home in that crime ridden Chicago! NO MA'AM....ain't gonna happen! I ain't moving out........I ain't going nowheres. THIS PLACE IS MY REPARATIONS!" Uh Huh.
First Lady and Moms Robinson in Cuba
General Hawk told us the commando units are training for the dangerous mission to forcefully remove Moms Robinson from her luxurious, private third floor White House apartment she has occupied  free of charge since the inauguration of Barrack Obama in 2009. Due to the dangers of a Urban warfare mission of this type, volunteers were asked to step forward. When none did, orders were issued to assign volunteers from the elite Delta Force commando ranks. 

Word is that the Navy Seals will also train for a like mission at the Navel Observatory, the residence of the Vice president,  just in case the Joe Biden barricades himself in a closet. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The NAACP’s Monster Under the Bed

The NAACP’s sole weapon is fear. The organization gets its way because many businesses and public figures live in fear of being slapped with the label “racist.” But what, if anything, frightens the NAACP? No, it’s not your conservative blog or podcast, so don’t flatter yourself.
However, there is one person who scares the bejesus out of the NAACP leadership, and he’s one of their own officials: an unstoppable, unkillable bugbear named Reverend Curtis Everette Gatewood.   NAACP leaders cower in his presence.
 Reverend Curtis Everette Gatewood of the NAACP 
Gatewood dislikes Jews, Israel, immigrants, and non-Christians. He’s damned Hillary Clinton supporters to hell, applauded the Baltimore rioters, compared black moms who stop their sons from rioting to white slave masters, co-organized a protest meeting at which Obama was repeatedly called a “nigger,” and pledged the NAACP’s support to an organization that opposes the NAACP, hurls racist bile at Asian immigrants and Jews, and calls Martin Luther King an “uncle Tom.”
And yet the national NAACP can’t, or won’t, get rid of the guy.
He pledged the support of his NAACP chapter to the African People’s Socialist Party/Uhuru Movement, a black separatist organization that seeks to foment a violent revolution to create an independent black nation on U.S. soil. 
The Uhuru militants have, in the past, called for the murder of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (in retaliation for him not ordering the mass execution of white South Africans following the end of Apartheid), and the expulsion of “parasitic” Asian immigrants and business owners. On a broadcast of the Uhuru radio program, Gatewood stated that his NAACP chapter stands 100% behind Uhurus’ goals.  
Read The Rest
This man is an ordained minster. It’s as good a time as any to remind Christians that some of God’s biggest enemies stand in pulpits and have many followers and advocates where you least expect them.   

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

About to Commit An Act of Constitutional Infamy

by Peter Wehner 
"Mr. Obama is now acting like, in his words, an “emperor.” His hypocrisy is, even by his standards, staggering.  But hypocrisy is not unusual in politicians and presidents; firing a missile aimed at our constitutional form of government is. And that is what Mr. Obama is about to do.
As the liberal law professor Jonathan Turley put it last night, this is a “particularly dangerous moment” for the president to defy the will of Congress yet again, just 15 days after an election in which the American people registered their emphatic (anti-Obama) judgment. “What the president is suggesting is tearing at the very fabric of the Constitution,” according to Professor Turley. “We have a separation of powers that gives us balance. And that doesn’t protect the branches — it’s not there to protect the executive branch or legislative branch — it’s to protect liberty. It’s to prevent any branch from assuming so much control that they become a threat to liberty.”
What is about to happen may be the low point in a presidency filled with them. Mr. Obama is acting in a way that he himself knows–that he himself has said–is unconstitutional and indefensible. No matter. In an act of unmatched narcissism and selfishness, the president will create–he is thirsting to create–a constitutional crisis that is utterly unnecessary and will further polarize our political culture.
Mr. Obama is about to commit an act of constitutional infamy. This is a stain that will stay with him."

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri: Stupid on Steroids

by Robert Janicki
Not satisfied with putting Ferguson on the map as a city of mindless vigilantes and looters bent upon a hanging, rumor is abounding that Ferguson will look like a reprise of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 should the grand jury investigating the shooting of Michael Brown, not bring back a true bill of indictment of murder for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
The facts be damed.  The vigilantes want their day in court or, more precisely, they want to see Darren Wilson in a kangaroo court long enough to find him guilty, but not too long for these criminal scum to find a rope and a tree to execute a death sentence upon Wilson.
These hushed threats are meant to intimidate the Grand Jury during their investigation of the facts, which would merely get in the way of a guilty sentence and a summary execution of Wilson by the assembled kangaroo court of nut cases, savages and barbarians.  Justice be damed.  The mob wants blood and their kind of justice.
"Far from finding peace after a round of summer protests and riots, Ferguson remains a city on the brink, its nearly every step troubled. The last week has been especially fraught.
In separate incidents, one Brown memorial went up in flames and part of another was run over.
When Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson tried to speak to demonstrators one night, clashes broke out with officers."
Now for a view from the other side of stupidity.  Okay, it's still stupidity, just another view.
"Then there was the city’s newly hired spokesman, brought in to help Ferguson repair its image. He was fired after it was revealed that he had been convicted of shooting and killing a man in 2004. "
I'm beginning to think that burning down Ferguson might not be all that bad, since it seems the participants deserve each other at this point in time and it might reduce any further protests from arising in the smoking debris that will surely be left behind by the mob from Group Stupid.

Read the Los Angeles Times account of Ferguson on fire here.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

NFL To Provide Training on Proper Discipline of Females

(MFN Sports) - Embattled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking steps to prove the league is serious about its stance regarding physical violence against women. The first step was his recent announcement of a zero-tolerance policy, and the latest step is the implementation of a training program that will teach all league employees the proper methods and techniques for providing discipline to belligerent females.

Commissioner Goodell poses with well behaved female
Goodell confirmed that the training program will teach players, coaches and front office personnel how to respond to verbal confrontations with wives, girlfriends, and mothers, sisters, grandmothers, or anyone else who raised the player. There will also be a focus on handling prostitutes and football groupies.

“We’ll be teaching tried and true disciplinary methods, such as non-contact techniques like the ‘Crazy Eye’ as the NFL puts more effort into concussion prevention of it's players. All current NFL employees will be required to take the class, and it will also be administered every year at the Rookie Symposium.

“Our ultimate goal is to peacefully coexist with the females in our lives,” Goodell said, “The best way to do that is to allow them the illusion of female empowerment while constantly reminding them of the enormous physical superiority of men. It’s a very delicate balance.”

* NOTE TO READER: Middle Finger News is in no way making light of the serious issue of violence against women, nor are we taking a well deserved shot at the thugs, felons and NWA that permeate the sport of professional football.

In other Sports News:

Anaheim - Los Angles Angels second baseman, Juan Eckelberger  put on injured reserve list indefinitely after being hit by ball during first game of a double header with the Kansas City Royals.