Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri: Stupid on Steroids

by Robert Janicki
Not satisfied with putting Ferguson on the map as a city of mindless vigilantes and looters bent upon a hanging, rumor is abounding that Ferguson will look like a reprise of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 should the grand jury investigating the shooting of Michael Brown, not bring back a true bill of indictment of murder for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
The facts be damed.  The vigilantes want their day in court or, more precisely, they want to see Darren Wilson in a kangaroo court long enough to find him guilty, but not too long for these criminal scum to find a rope and a tree to execute a death sentence upon Wilson.
These hushed threats are meant to intimidate the Grand Jury during their investigation of the facts, which would merely get in the way of a guilty sentence and a summary execution of Wilson by the assembled kangaroo court of nut cases, savages and barbarians.  Justice be damed.  The mob wants blood and their kind of justice.
"Far from finding peace after a round of summer protests and riots, Ferguson remains a city on the brink, its nearly every step troubled. The last week has been especially fraught.
In separate incidents, one Brown memorial went up in flames and part of another was run over.
When Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson tried to speak to demonstrators one night, clashes broke out with officers."
Now for a view from the other side of stupidity.  Okay, it's still stupidity, just another view.
"Then there was the city’s newly hired spokesman, brought in to help Ferguson repair its image. He was fired after it was revealed that he had been convicted of shooting and killing a man in 2004. "
I'm beginning to think that burning down Ferguson might not be all that bad, since it seems the participants deserve each other at this point in time and it might reduce any further protests from arising in the smoking debris that will surely be left behind by the mob from Group Stupid.

Read the Los Angeles Times account of Ferguson on fire here.  http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-ferguson-shooting-20140928-story.html