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Orwellian Obama

Matthew - Saturday 6/23

Matthew's Week End Commentary:
In his novel 1984, George Orwell introduced us to a political system -- Ingsoc, or "English Socialism" -- that made use of a variety of rhetorical and memory-control tricks that had definite political purposes. Mostly these were devices which were intended to ensure that The Party's point of view always prevailed, or which denied a political opponent the ability to make a point or express an idea which the The Party found politically inconvenient, anathema, or seditious. One of these devices was called Doublethink.
Doublethink involved the simultaneous belief in two contradictory ideas combined with the ability to use each argument in a way that jibed with political orthodoxy, as each might be needed. The person using Doublethink would then replace one truth as needed with another, and then trick themselves into believing that point which was necessary to have always been the absolute truth, while simultaneously forgetting that they had ever held any other position on a subject.
For example: take the contradictory ideas that "Water is Wet" and "Water is Dry"; if political orthodoxy required that Water was, indeed, dry, then this became the absolute and everlasting truth, and no other fact about Water could ever be advanced, or had ever existed. Conversely, if The Party should suddenly require that all it's people should believe the opposite, that Water is Wet, then this became the absolute, unassailable truth, and no other truth could have ever existed, or ever did exist. In this way, The Party was able to tell egregious lies and have them instantly believed by millions who had exercised an ability to instantly forget or dismiss any inconsistency. 
 Barack Obama is the consummate practitioner of Doublethink. It oozes from every utterance, every staged speech, every policy position. Every Obama utterance or action contains a certain self-canceling duality.
Here are some examples:  
 * "The Rich" are demonized on a near-daily basis for being greedy, avaricious destroyers, pillagers of their country and malefactors par excellance...until someone needs their money to run a political campaign, in which case, The Rich become the greatest people on Planet Earth, True Progressives, the Defenders of Democracy.
 * Even the category, "The Rich" is constantly defined downwards, so that the guy who makes $250,000 a year is suddenly equated with the billionaire. When it comes to deciding who will get eyedrops, bandaids or chemotherapy from a government-sponsored healthcare-rationing bureaucracy, suddenly the guy who makes $125,000 a year is considered rich. When it comes to deciding who gets a mortgage renegotiation, the guy who makes $100,000 a year is rejected as being "wealthy", while the guy with $50,000 a year, and who will re-default on his newly-arranged rate, is suddenly held to be a better risk.
 * This administration continually talks up "economic progress" while it hands out Food Stamps in unheard of numbers.
 * This administration talks about fairness in the tax code and enforcement, that "The Rich" should pay their "fair share" as a "Patriotic duty", while 53% of the people in this country pay no income taxes whatsoever.
 * It is the Republican Party and the Big Banks which brought us to the brink of insolvency by making risky bets with the public's money, but government led by a democratic (small 'd' intentional) President, planning to borrow $5 trillion over three years to largely spend on more failed welfare programs, new welfare programs, bailing out deadbeats, unions and Obama political cronies is somehow an "investment in our future".
 * This President lectures our citizens about their responsibilities as "Citizens of the World", and then gives Air Force One the greatest workout in history. he decries the "Illegal" war in Iraq, and then starts another in Libya, and perhaps another in Syria or Yemen is on the way. This President claims to want to strengthen our old alliances, and then insults the British, undermines the Israelis, and lectures the Europeans about Austerity Measures that he won't even consider for his own country.
 * This President talks a good game about Freedom, and then conspires over an open mike with a representative of a Russian Dictatorship to sell us down the river when he doesn't have to worry about re-election. This President talks about Freedom while a Chinese Dissident is arrested inside a U.S. Embassy with the full blessing of the State Department.
 * Barack Obama craps all over democratically-elected Republicans and Conservatives the world over, refuses to confront Syrian, North Korean or Iranian dictators potentially armed with weapons of mass destruction, and then turns the organs of the American government against it's own people; the IRS audits political enemies, the ATF allows Mexican drug gangs to buy weapons in America which are then used to kill American citizens, the EPA invents rules as it sees fit and confiscates or prevents the use of private property. He rules through a series of unelected, unaccountable "Czars" largely through fiat. When this President doesn't like American immigration law, or the individual state's right to defend itself from foreign invasion when the federal Government won't, he files lawsuits against them, or circumvents the role of Congress by granting Amnesty through Executive Order. He then has the nerve to consider himself the New Reagan.
 * Barack Obama blames his political enemies for "Gridlock" in Washington, but never admits that his administration has never advanced an agenda they knew the other side couldn't accept, nor that Harry Reid has kept most of the Obama Agenda off the table for years, failing to call for votes in the U.S. Senate and never failing to avoid pointing this out.
 * Barack Obama claims to be “saving or creating” jobs, “cutting deficits”, “saving GM”, and that this is sound economic policy, while simultaneously raising the national debt by $5 trillion in under three years with money that is largely borrowed, and which will be borrowed at the expense of future economic growth. The immediate result is always more important than the long-term impact for Obama, be cause he is a creature of the here-and-now.
 * Isn’t it rather strange that the “composite Woman” that the Obamatards chose to advertise their cradle-to-grave ambitions is named “Julia”? That was the name of the semi-heroine in 1984; you know, the one that lead Winston Smith to his eventual downfall? There couldn't be a subliminal message there, right?
 * Not paying for something readily available on store shelves at ridiculously-low prices (i.e. contraceptives) is a War on Women, but denying them an extra breast cancer screening or two under ObamaCare isn’t?
 * Somehow, the government “mandates” that health insurers cover pre-existing conditions, that the banks lend to people who will obviously default, that auto companies only build vehicles that no one will buy, that Wall Street submit to regulations that will stifle investment and creativity, and dumps billions of extorted taxpayer dollars into bankrupt Green Energy firms, and hundreds of billions more into failed Stimulus Projects, and Obama still has the nerve to talk about how his “solutions” to our problems are in the finest traditions of the Free Market?
 * The President talks about avoiding the Past, and yet, does nothing but speak of it. He inherited this, that or the other problem; everything is the past Republican regime’s fault; anything anti-Obama is about “turning back the clock”, when it isn’t a cause to invoke the legacy of Jim Crow. Barack Obama does nothing but look backwards while his (written by other people and stuffed into a teleprompter) rhetoric is all about looking forward.
 * The Obama’s decry the ostentatious and crass consumerism of our current society, and yet, they vacation in Hawaii, Spain, Martha’s Vineyard, and Vail. They have “date nights” consisting of a one-evening flight from Washington to New York, a fancy hotel and dinner, and a show, only to fly back in the A.M. The First Lady wears nothing but designer clothes (and they pointed fingers at Sarah Palin for her alleged $50,000 wardrobe?); the Obama Children attend an upscale, fancy-shmancy school that is notoriously lacking in a middle class student body (where are the academic diversity bean counters in that situation, one wonders?). The Obamas are the typical Socialist Duo, who hypocritically piss all over the bourgeois while living an even grander lifestyle at someone else’s expense.
 * Only in Obama’s America can you make more money living on government assistance than you can by working for a living . Only in Obama’s America can you deprive the private sector of $3 trillion (to pay for Obamacare, bailouts, and the Porkulus Bill), plan to borrow another $2 trillion to keep the Welfare State afloat, and then berate business for not creating enough “opportunities’ on the remaining , limited capital. The only opportunities being created are for the Washington, DC set and their brain-dead, unionized minions, and that’s being paid for by money we don’t even have.
Update: I forgot one: 
This President claims to be running the "most Transparent administration in History", and then he allows the Attorney general of the United States to claim Executive Privilege in order to avoid answering a simple question: who is the dumbass who got a Border Patrol Agent murdered, and why is that shithead still employed?

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  1. Excellent deconstruction of obam's psychological brain play.
    I'd give him a lot of credit but I don't think he's smart enough to come up with this stuff on his own.

  2. Do you mean to say that I am not smart enough to come up with this stuff on my own, Betty? Or were you somehow sarcastically referring to President Odouchebag?



    1. Darling, I was speaking of Obam's intelligence, not your's.
      He ain't smart enough to be as conniving as you so eloquently put it without his little minions at his side.

    2. My apologies, Betty: I probably had not had enough coffee when I read that!

      Thanks much!


  3. Everything about Obama is phony. But he is not stupid by any means. He and his handlers know exactly what they are doing, They would all be fine with a 1984 style of government here in America. These hypocritical elitists think that We the Common people cannot think or do for ourselves without their daily guidance. Well come November we will once again manage to think for ourselves.

    Matthew excellent article on Obama and his socialist/marxist mindset.. Obama is indeed pure evil.

  4. Excellent, Matthew!

  5. FEMA says: Be prepared
    NDAA says: Persons who are prepared may be considered a domestic threat.
    Welcome to Double Think. George Orwell is now running Homeland Security.

  6. Makes you want to take the 52% who voted for this idiot out back and beat 'em senseless, right?



  7. Matthew, this may be the best post I've got to read of yours. I'm glad D.S. brought you onboard!
    I look forward to reading your commentaries on a weekly basis now.

  8. Thank you, Tiger. I do try my best. Sometimes, though, your subject just makes it too easy, and the damned thing writes itself.



    1. I agree with Rag, I'm glad Jan brought you over.
      I wish I had said that earlier.