Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tell Me Again Why I should Care About #BLM?

It’s well known that in cities like Chicago and Baltimore, people like to spend long weekends blazing away at each other in the streets. Even with extra cops on the beat, they can't  stop the bloodshed.  A recent story in the Chicago Tribune included a handy map showing where the city's shootings happen. The big dots are  multiple victims, and the red dots are fatalities. There are five rather than four red dots, because someone was knifed to death. The article also told us about some of the nice people–including a 14-year-old girl–who were killed.  

What it didn’t tell us was who did the shooting. Not one word. Police superintendent Eddie Johnson was sure about one thing, though. He said the weekend was “another example of too many guns on the street.” Too many guns.
“Nearly all the shootings were in the West and South”–those guns seem to congregate in these places. The Tribune added that these very neighborhoods “bore the brunt of shootings during the Memorial Day weekend as well.”
I looked up the Chicago Tribune article about the Memorial Day mayhem and learned that there were 69 shootings and six dead. But again not one word on who, if anyone, is firing those guns. If you go all the way back to January 2 of this year, the Tribune tried to explain the violence in a long piece called, “Chicago Violence, Homicides, and Shootings up in 2015.”

There was lots of information: historical trends in crime rates, comparisons of Chicago with other big cities, a list of neighborhoods that are getting more dangerous, a sad story about a teacher shot in his own driveway, and even a policeman who says some people will shoot you if you insult them on Twitter.

But who’s pulling the triggers on these guns of which there are too many. Not one word. The Tribune tells us where the guns show up. It tells us people are being shot. Until 2010, the Chicago police told us what race the perps were. That year, a black person was 24 times more likely than a white person to be arrested for murder, and 27 times more likely to be arrested for robbery. The figures for Hispanics were seven and four times more likely. If, in 2010, Chicago had been all-white, murder and robbery would have dropped 90 percent. Rape would have dropped by 80 percent.

2010 is the year Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor, and maybe it’s just a coincidence, but the next year, the Chicago PD stopped saying who the perps were. A different report, about murder only, continued to come out until 2011, but then it got snuffed out, too. But when blacks commit murder at 24 times the white rate, the media hushes it up. The papers don’t breathe a word. Somewhere, out there, where their readers never go, it’s just the wild wild West. Instead the newspapers and politicans , and everyone else jabbers about guns and gun violence when the problem is blacks and black violence–and Hispanic violence.  

And you expect people to sympathize with your BLM movement when you and your culture teaches your children hate for the police, and time and time again you attack police while temporarily being detained for their own protection, or as a convicted felon are shot while resist arrest and trying to pull an illegal concealed weapon? 

Nope. Not me. STOP KILLING EACH OTHER FIRST and abide by the law ........and then get back to me. 

And here is your Dallas Hero after the cops got through with him!

Pretty Much My Attitude About The Black Lives Matter Movement

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