Friday, November 23, 2018

Chicago Jesus Drops By Food Bank With Camera Crew In Tow

The incorrigible narcissist Barack Obama continues to seek attention in this post-White House years, and on Wednesday paid a holiday visit to a Chicago area food bank. I hate to be cynical about such events, but when you bring your own camera crew to something like this it leads people to believe your appearance is less about helping the disadvantaged with their Thanksgiving dinners than just another cynical public relations gimmick of the type that he is famous for. But to some, he is still "Chicago Jesus."

Here’s how the lunatics at the black identity extremist site The Root put it, “Black America’s Forever President Barack Obama Volunteers at Chicago Food Bank”
"While the punk-ass president continues to desecrate the highest office in the land, black America’s forever president and current president of Wakanda, Barack Obama, continues to make us miss him after he made a surprise visit to volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. 
According to ABC 7 Chicago, arguably the best president to step his Florsheims in the Oval Office dropped by Tuesday to help some 60 volunteers pack “food to be sent to the food bank’s network of 700 community distribution sites throughout Chicago and Cook County."
Just like his presidency was, the cheesy bastard’s life is just one big "Look At Me" reality show.

(Chicago 7)

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