Thursday, August 18, 2016

BLM: Police Handing Out Free Ice Cream Part of a Genocidal Plot.

 A Cold Tool of Genocide: Vanilla Ice Cream!  
The Black Lives Matter movement apparently doesn’t like free ice cream. And according to their website, they will be skipping over the freebies. In a recent article released on their website, the Black Lives Matter movement has called for a refusal in accepting the “ice cream handouts”. Their rhetoric is calling these community policing methods, “feel-good propaganda.” This is in spite of the fact that they bring about positive changes and build trust between police and their communities.
“Policing and the system under which police work exists is bound to the enslavement, degradation, and murder of Black people and was never meant to protect us, but instead to exploit our bodies and labor to fill prisons and bolster capitalism”. 
They continue in a tirade that there is “overwhelming evidence that [black people] are indeed unfairly policed and killed”, even claiming that America has a “killer cop problem”.
As offensive as this bombastic writing is, possibly the most shocking allegation is that police do not “regard people as fully human”. That pitiful assertion leads to them concluding that the current system of policing needs to be defunded and thrown away in lieu of an “alternative systems for security and accountability.”
I took special notice of their emphasis on the word “police” and “policing” as it related to what they claim to be an oppressive system; and then later the lack thereof of the word “policing” in their solution. Rather they propose a disempowered system of security and accountability.
As we watch the most recent violence, rioting, looting, and pyromania in Milwaukee – one important truth is being revealed: With the Black Lives Matter supporters trying to destroy yet another American city, their system of security and accountability only demonstrates a violent, self-indulgent, excuse to avoid responsibility and blame others for everything wrong in their life.
This movement began under false pretenses and ignorance, if not just a downright refusal to accept facts. A polluted spring will never produce clean water. Thus, we should not be surprised that their current pandering and activity is any more factual or logical than it was from its origin...."