Tuesday, November 9, 2021

They Picking on Tater again

Tater Stelter, a grown man with what can only be assumed is a full-time job, actually felt it worth his time to respond to being called a name by a rival news network. And not just that, but to try to snarkily hit back.  And as he has failed to learn, he is no Diogenes, and his feeble attempts always backfire disastrously. His attempt to retort with a witty insult himself, he unwittingly admitted he was indeed a “useful idiot.”
This was a self-own in more ways than one, as Fox News has long beaten out CNN when it comes to ratings, so one really has to wonder what on earth he was thinking when he voluntarily drew attention to Fox’s ratings and called himself a “useful idiot” in one fell swoop.

But many of Stelter’s tenderhearted viewers however were kind enough to soothe his bruised ego with the fierce loyalty of a mother whose child just got teased at school and rushed to insist that he most certainly was not an idiot, and those bullies at Fox News were probably just jealous.

[Western Journal]
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