Wednesday, November 10, 2021

It's Their Unholy Alliance That Endangers the Republic.

The events of the past couple of weeks have given pause to many, and in some circles say the present swing of the pendulum's direction has used all it's energy. But even with the embarrassing, epic incompetence we are witnessing in DC, and the current upheaval in the war for the culture, some things will remain constant. 

The Democrats are torn between far left totalitarian instincts on one side and the Liberals' complete political malpractice on the other. Their seething contempt for the conservation of anything valuable and rational in governing remains whole, complete and total. It is psychologically and professionally impossible for anybody on the left to admit the simple truth that the Right has been right about the Left all along because it would mean being forced to eat the seething contempt for all things conservative that has been wired so deeply into their identities for so long.

The result of this crippling and impenetrable psychological block is that is remains imperative to the left sense of self that the right (that'd be you and me) continue to be caricatured as fucking awful humans. 

Everybody knows that the democrat party has been a shitpile of closeted bigots and imbeciles for decades. They sometime do not try very hard to hide it.  Others will contend that because they live in distant and violent land the natives call Blue States, that despite their self proclaimed superior political expertise, the Left are destructive, clueless mopes whose fecklessness may yet topple the republic as we know it.  So it should come as no surprise that the mainstream media has found a comfy chair for every race-baiter or Never Trumper with a book to sell or grift to flog. (lookin' at you Squinty & Meat Puppet)

The American media will never get better. It will just keep getting worse. But why, Diogenes', you ask? Why is it so bad everywhere, from the national media to your local, dying newspaper? How is it that this vast, shambolic, humiliating, and very public failure of our Fourth Estate, a failure that is dragging out democracy down with it,  just goes on and on getting worse and worse?

Simple. Because there are no equally powerful countervailing institutions out there in the world in charge of pushing back against it or in any way holding it accountable. Instead of operating as a vital civic institution the media is basically Facebook's older, stupider cousin, without Facebook's malevolent, precision-guided algorithms designed to prolong "engagement" and keep your eyes on its ads, but with the same "Sponsors Uber Alles" ethos informing every decision.

And the reason nothing can stop it is because, other than catching the occasional fine for saying "fuck" on broadcast teevee, there are no consequences for pumping the public's skulls full of toxic garbage. As for the gory details of how and why the media is everywhere top-heavy with leftist hacks and mopes and frauds, no insider with deep knowledge of the hows and the whys is every going to rat them out. 

There will never be a Joe Valachi of the media, exposing how the business really works to the entire country. Forget the "respectable" press. They're as relentlessly profit-driven as everyone else, and to them those tens of millions of deranged bigots and imbeciles on the Left (and their friends an relatives) are just current or potential customers.  No matter how many buildings the fascist Teefa Soy Boyz burn down, the "respectable" press will always leaven that news with their certainty that some conservative somewhere, real or not, has probably (or will probably) do something just as bad.


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