Thursday, November 11, 2021

Throwback Thursday: Reminiscing With Brian Williams.

Brian Williams, the veteran anchor of NBC News, who was busted down to the network's ugly insane step-sister, conspiracy central MSNBC in 2015 after a critical on-air gaffe  he got caught lyin' his ass off numerous times sensationalizing his reporting of events while anchor of “NBC Nightly News”, has announced he will be parting ways with the network's smarmy nest of leftist lunatics and racial bigots. 

So, in the spirit of Throwback Thursdays, we look back on the famous career.....

from the DMF archives of February, 2015

Brian Williams Interviews Mark Twain 


Brian Williams imbedded with the D-Day Invasion 

30 Seconds Over Tokyo - Brian Williams with the Doolittle Raid

Williams Reporting on the President's visit from the Grassy Knoll

Williams Sits in on Bass during the Recording of Sgt. Peppers  

Brian Williams Reporting from Tranquility Base

Brian Williams, The Man Behind Woodstock

Williams Guesting on The Brady Bunch When America's Mom
Carol Brady Decided to Show Her Tits to All America

Brian Williams Defies Death Taking Heavy Ground Fire
From Rebel Comanche Indians

Brian Williams Reports on Disastrous Global Warming Affects from Tokyo

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