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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Throwback Thursday: Reminiscing With Brian Williams.

Brian Williams, the veteran anchor of NBC News, who was busted down to the network's ugly insane step-sister, conspiracy central MSNBC in 2015 after a critical on-air gaffe  he got caught lyin' his ass off numerous times sensationalizing his reporting of events while anchor of “NBC Nightly News”, has announced he will be parting ways with the network's smarmy nest of leftist lunatics and racial bigots. 

So, in the spirit of Throwback Thursdays, we look back on the famous career.....

from the DMF archives of February, 2015

Brian Williams Interviews Mark Twain 


Thursday, August 5, 2021

Throwback Thursday: THE LOST TOME OF JOE BIDEN

Editors Note: In fall of 2010, there swirled in DC rumors that Vice President Joe Biden was writing a book. (I'll wait while you stop giggling) Little did we know that DMF would be the first to confirm those rumors. After much drinking and spirited discussion, in the spirit of the first amendment(and to get attention) we thrust ourselves into history and went to press with what we had......

From the dank archives of DMF - 9/26/2010

Posted by Diogenes Sarcastica
Sunday, Sept. 26

EXCLUSIVE: Excerpts From V.P.'s New Book

Recently, in the wee hours of the night, someone threw a paper bag over the transom of Diogenes’ offices that was found to contained parts of the unedited manuscript to Vice President Joe Biden’s super secret upcoming explosive blockbuster tell-all memoir of the 2008 campaign and first 2 years in office.

Here is a small sample of what it contained:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Throw Back Thursday - A Woman Should Be The First Person to Step Foot on Mars

From the Dank Archives of 2018

"Allison McIntyre, who oversees NASA's Space Vehicle Mockup Facility in Houston, the home base for astronaut training, said it's only fair that a woman takes humanity's first steps on Mars. Twelve humans have set foot on a planetary body beyond Earth. All 12 were men, walking on the Moon during the late 1960s and early 1970s as part of the Apollo missions.  
NASA's first female astronaut to fly in the space shuttle, Sally Ride, notoriously had to explain that she wouldn't need 100 tampons for a week in space, in 1983. McIntyre says, "We have female astronauts, but we haven't put a woman on the Moon yet, and I think the first person on Mars should be a woman." 

I have to say, Oh Hell Yeah! I wholeheartedly agree with Ms. McIntyre. And it's About Damn Time! So in solidarity with my sisters in the struggle against the patriarchy, I have a few ideas myself who should be the first woman on Mars.  In fact, I think we should send a whole crew of females. I would throw my bra into the ring for a chance, but seeing it would probably be a one way trip in all.....uh....and I have seen the movie 'Alien'.....I remember I have some important things to attend to that weekend.  

Here are a few of my nominees for crew. You can leave your own suggestions for who you think should be the celebrated 'First Lady of Mars' in the comments below. Just don't be dissin' your Beloved Editrix or my sisters with some lame-ass women driver jokes........

Auntie Maxine

Cacklin' Hens of the View - Whoopi & Joy What's Her Name

Alleged Comedian Chelsea Handler

No Wait......She would Scare the Natives 

Brianna Stelter. Yeah, Her For Sure.