Thursday, October 20, 2022

Highways For Fishes: Watch Secretary Mayor Pete Tout Infrastructure Bill's Most Enthusiastic Project so far.

Secretary Mayor Pete is in high demand as a surrogate for Democratic candidates on the campaign trail, mainly because no one want to be within a mile of Joe Biden.  And while only 14th in the line of succession, just below HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge, He/Him receives more campaign surrogate requests than Vice President Kamala Harris, also for obvious reasons.

A few days ago, Secretary Mayor Pete visited King County Washington and toured a culvert replacement project near Issaquah and was so excited He/Him wanted to tell you about how it will help move the country forward.

Pete sounds like the host of an edutainment series for kids of all ages — "Secretary Mayor Pete’s World.” He's a master at breaking down complex issues, like holes under roads, and his enthusiasm for this remarkable feat of engineering is infectious.

Here he is explaining to the over taxed great unwashed what a culvert is and why we should care.

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