Sunday, January 10, 2021

Firefox Joins the Internet Stalinist

Mozilla Says ‘Deplatforming’ Trump Not Enough, Wants to 
Shield Internet from ‘Bad Actors’ as Users

The developers of the Firefox browser, the non-profit Mozilla Corp, jumped on the Stalinist bandwagon and announced more must be done to keep Donald Trump and other “bad actors” out of your precious cyberspace. They don't give any hint as to who will determine who's a "bad actor" or not.

In the blog post titled ‘We need more than deplatforming, the open-source software community said that Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Trump from its platform didn’t go far enough in weeding out “hate” on the internet. Blaming DJT for the events at the Capital Wednesday, the tech group argued that “white supremacy is about more than any one personality.”
 “We need solutions that don’t start after untold damage has been done. Changing these dangerous dynamics requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platforms.”
The group proposed a number of anti-privacy measures to help protect the internet from verboten views, like internet ads should list who paid for them, how much they are paying, who is being targeted and algorithms so that people can examine what kind of content is being promoted. Yeah that's the ticket! Free Speech Be Damned!

Mozilla also tweeted out "claiming that the unrest at the Capitol was the “culmination of a four-year disinformation campaign orchestrated by the President”, while totally ignoring the fact the mainstream media and congressional members use of social media during the four year bombardment of lies and disinformation about the Russia Collusion Hoax that did more to disrupt the country than any one man could ever do. 

Some users shot back at Mozilla's statement on the tweeter:
"your bio is literally "We work to ensure the internet remains a public resource that is open and accessible to all." 
"If you truly had the moral high ground, would you need to prevent your opponents from speaking?" 
"The political left's attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate are a confession of intellectual bankruptcy."
I have a better idea Mozilla. How about you stick to making your crappy browser and leave the issue of free speech and direction of the internet to the users. I personally don't use Firefox because I find it clunky, a memory hog and doesn't play well with the professional application I use in my work. It's only redeeming quality in my book is is a very useful bookmark sidebar (copied from the old Opera Browser) that other browser developers would do well to take note of.  So really Mozilla,  I could care less what your fag loving directors think anyway.

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