Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Two New Studies Drain the Juice out of Biden's Electric Vehicle Schtick

Excerpted from RedState 

It’s all about the environment, you people.  In the eyes of the “climate change” obsessed, Green New Deal lefties, that is. Hence, Joe Biden and Democrats continue to lecture everyday Americans about the nirvana of electric vehicles (EV) — Americans who remain outraged over Biden’s skyrocketing gas prices.

Now, two new studies suggest that Biden and the Democrats are full of either don’t know what they’re talking about, lying, or both. Yeah, I know; both possibilities would be “shocking.” [eye-roll emoji] 

Based on separate studies published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and the highly respected J.D. Power, electric vehicles are worse for the environment than gas-powered vehicles, and battery-electric vehicles (EVs). And plug-in hybrid vehicles have more quality issues than gas-powered vehicles.

The American Economic Review summed it up nicely:
"The comparison between a gasoline vehicle and an electric one is really a comparison between burning gasoline or a mix of coal and natural gas to move the vehicle."
Joe? Coal, Joe. You know how much you hate coal, man. This is not a good look at all, Joe.

As noted by the Federalist:
And have you considered the reliability of EVs — which cost considerably more than gas-powered vehicles — in comparison to gas-powered cars?. J.D. Power has — as noted by the Federalist: "Owners of electric or hybrid vehicles cite more problems than do owners of gas-powered vehicles. The latter vehicles average 175 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), hybrids average 239 PP100, and battery-powered cars, and plug-in hybrid vehicles have more quality issues than gas-powered vehicles."
"Given the average cost of an electric car is roughly $60,000, about $20,000 more than the cost of a gas-powered car, it seems owners of EVs didn’t get the value they deserve."
So come on man, this isn’t about you and your wallet. Sacrifice. Even more so than you already are [sarcasm], you selfish capitalists.

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