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Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer

At first I wanted to give everyone involved in the insanity of the left regarding the Wuhan virus the benefit of the doubt, we didn’t know what this was, and we were trying to take precautions to prevent the spread of a virus we knew little about.  With the new data coming out, and the revelations of the WHO being an arm of the Chinese government, and the fact that none of the numbers can be trusted from government organizations I have thrown up my hands over the reaction to this pandemic.

I swear it’s like there is a contest among the elite to see what stupid things they can get their citizens to do using scare tactics and a complicit unquestioning media.  Whether it’s wearing hats with pool noodles attached to keep “social distance” or it’s walking in the equivalent of a baby stroller to go to a bar in Maryland, this is asinine and almost reads like a psychological operation to see just how much you can demean American citizens before they finally snap.  We know that the Democrat’s prospects in November are grim, which is evidenced by Joe Biden being kept in his basement unless he is appearing for a scripted, kabuki theater prop, but I never thought they would take advantage of a contagious virus and brazenly try to destroy the economy just to get "Their Guy" elected.  

Americans are trying to understand the absolute illogical implementation of these “lock-downs” that governors are imposing on their citizens.  Whether it’s that they had to close down their small business, yet hundreds of people can pile into your local Wal-mart every hour, or that you are told that you’re not an essential worker, but somehow the guy who sells weed at a dispensary is. Americans have been remarkably patient with the government in trying to help their fellow citizens, but the mask has come off and everyone can now see that the majority of panic porn coming from the mainstream media, and the continued extensions from liberal governors is obviously more a mea culpa over them telling everyone they will LITERALLY DIE if they go outside.

The reporting coming out today about Donald Trump taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative is proof positive that the liberal media will destroy any prospect of this ending unless it’s on their terms.  Not only have they found a vector to funnel billions of dollars into their liberal pet projects,  the “pandemic” is now an excuse to leverage big government against Americans for things like climate change and universal healthcare.  Military personal are given malaria drugs every time they deployed as an anti-viral, and as far as I know there's no media reports of deaths, or of hundreds of thousands of contractors who received the exact same medication for the exact same purpose, so the media can stop lying to the American people with what seems to be the intent of exacerbating the pandemic as much as possible.

Unfortunately, Americans have shown the Left a road map on how they can implement sweeping measures to try and inflict their political whims with little legislative process. We need to ensure that one of the lessons we learned from this pandemic is that any chance that the Left has to seize power and violate American’s civil liberties they will. We need to make sure that we don’t become accustomed to the government changing the American way of life, and then perpetually lying to our faces to try and keep us scared.

[Wrongthink Diaries]
[DMF Center for the Study of WTF is with Soft Skull Regressive Politics]

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Monday, May 11, 2020

Fact Free MSNBC Claims Vlad Putin Was Behind Dropping the Michael Flynn Case

After weeks of Andrea Mitchell Reports gladly repeating Chinese Communist Party talking points, Mitchell and former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and current MSNBC contributor Frank Figliuzzi declared without any evidence at all that Russian President Vladimir Putin had something to do with the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case against former General Michael Flynn.

After Mitchell breathlessly summarized the “stunning” and “unprecedented” decision on Flynn, she saw something sinister in the Thursday phone call between President Trump and Putin. “Frank, first, all of the implications here, and the fact that he then called Vladimir Putin yesterday. She then asked Figliuzzi to, “Talk to me about your counterintelligence concerns here.”

Figliuzzi was certain that the phone call and the decision to drop the case were connected, “Yeah, I think they’re actually linked. The dismissal of charges against Flynn and conversation by the president with Vladimir Putin, stone cold adversary of the United States on the very same day, that’s not a coincidence.”

Whether Trump is allegedly a puppet or merely trying to appease Putin was left unsaid, but Figliuzzi maintained that the Flynn investigation was an urgent matter of national security, “The Flynn interview that is at issue here by the FBI was all about resolving the question of whether Mike Flynn was a counterintelligence threat to the nation as he entered into the national security adviser role. It was about figuring out how to neutralize, resolve and counter that threat. So when the president gets on the phone with Vladimir Putin and the topic comes up in the same conversation, the concerns have not yet been resolved.”

A retired three-star general is a national security threat? That’s a bit of a stretch.

Mitchell and Figliuzzi are simply wrong. The Trump-Putin phone call was on Thursday, the same day that the DOJ made the decision public, but the recommendation to drop the plan was made last week by U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen. But since when did facts mean anything to the bunch of soft skulls at MSNBC.

So, We’re back to Russia.. WOW.. That’s not a double down, that’s like a quad-down. These people know no shame.

And I might need remind the reader, this same nutty F**ker Frank Figliuzzi, former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, who once told Lyin' Brian Willams Trump was signaling White Supremacist by raising the American Flag from half staff on August 8th 2019.

I kid you not:

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Another Heaping Bowl of Stupid

Anand Giridharadas

I ask, who are all these children, those of prized first generation immigrants who came here as professionals and have done well while adding much to the American experience?? Children raised with all the privilege and opportunity America has to offer, like the best schools and universities. And once on their own, see everything that was earned and given and laid at their feet, what made them who and what they are, now must be changed because of who created it all.

One such soft skull is Anand Giridharadas, son of East Indian heritage, former columnist for the NYT, schooled in privilege at Sidwell Friends School, University of Michigan & Harvard, who now (because he's more smarter and wrote a book) is one of the media's go-to oracles on what's wrong with America, Americans, and in-particular, people who don't look like him.

Giridharadas latest ignorant proclamation is he believes "freedom-obsessed Americans" are blinded to threats like virus or climate change. In his own words speaking on MSNBC's 'Morning's with Squinty' of the present Corona Virus outbreak:
“One of the fundamental questions to me is, what’s going to be our relationship to government, the idea of government after this?  There’s a primordial American tradition going back to the founders of being freedom-obsessed, even though we’re a country founded on slavery and genocide, being freedom-obsessed to the point that we’re always so afraid of the government coming for us that we’re blind to other types of threats, whether it’s a virus, whether it’s bank malfeasance, climate change, what have you. 
There’s also a more recent, kind of 40-year version of this, which is the Reagan war on government, government is the problem, right? That’s not just an idea on the right. There’s a hard version on the right, there’s a small-c ‘conservative’ kind of militant version of it, but it has also infected many people on the left in this passive sense, like ‘I believe in government,’ but ‘I would never go work there,’ or ‘I believe in government but, you know, I kind of like don’t like my taxes too high, or I use trusts in the Cayman Islands..." 
And then there is the more recent Trump-era twist in this which is the war on government becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, you undermine government, you undermine it, you undermine it, you put someone who can barely read a sentence in government, in the figure of Donald Trump, and it becomes true that government sucks because you made it suck by telling everybody it sucks. 
And I think the most important thing that could come out of this is realizing the government is not the biggest threat to our liberty. What government fundamentally does is protect us from a lot of those other oppressions that we in America are often quite blind to."
Giridharadas then was unceremoniously slammed to the pavement on the Tweeter machine for his take and “utter contempt” of Americans.  Here is but a sample:
With lock downs imposed across the country in recent weeks as governments attempted to control citizens to stem the spread of the virus, many would probably not be quick to agree that the frequent cases of overreach are just the government trying to “protect” people.

[The Tweeter Machine]
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Thursday, April 2, 2020

LBGQTers Meltdown Over Samaritan's Purse Central Park Hospital

Hearing the news that Franklin Graham's relief organization, Samaritan's Purse, was coming to the aid of coronavirus victims in New York City by setting up a temporary hospital in Central Park, it was not unexpected at all for some high profile soft skulls to come out of the woodwork in bigoted defiance.

According to The Blaze, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson tweeted this statement berating the development:
"Franklin Graham has a long history of spewing anti-LGBTQ hate speech, and I find it extremely troubling that he and his organization are involved in our relief efforts in any way. New York City is known around the world for its embrace of diversity, and Franklin Graham has spent his career standing against these values. I will be monitoring this situation closely and making sure that our city's values are being represented at all times."
And some soft skull New York state Sen. named Brad Hoylman tweeted:
"It's a shame that the federal government has left New York with no other choice but to accept charity from bigots."
In a statement on his official Senate page, Hoylman called Graham a "notorious anti-LGBTQ pastor" and said he put Graham "on notice" that Samaritan's Purse must "treat all COVID-19 patients equally at the new medical tents. COVID-19 doesn't discriminate, and neither should Franklin Graham. It's unacceptable that a New Yorker infected with COVID-19 could be subjected to discriminatory treatment from an organization whose leader calls us "immoral" and "detestable."

How F**king Petty can you be in times like this!!

Some New Yorkers, even those who could see fit to set aside their virtual signalling spoke out with reason:
"And spare us your woke outrage. Holding a sincerely held religious belief about marriage (I personally think his scripture read is wrong) is not the same as hate speech. Your religious intolerance in the name of wokeness is a bigger threat to our republic." 
"Whose the bigot? Christians believe what they believe. Get over it. They love people they disagree with. Even you!" 
"The vast majority of voters see this as a group of well intended people bringing hope and light into a dark place right now. Put the partisan politics aside for a season and be thankful for the people willing to serve NYC. This is not the time to score political points sir." 
"Now we can all really see where the actual hate comes from." 
"As a gay New Yorker, I'd like to sit down with them over a cup of coffee and thank them for putting themselves in harm's way. That's how change of heart happens. They are risking their lives. We should be grateful." 
"It's a shame that idiots like you would rather people die than have someone you don't agree with help them."
Graham's response was worthy of his father:
"This is a time for all of us to unite and work together, regardless of our political views. Let's support one another during this crisis, and we pray that God will bless the efforts of all those battling this vicious virus. We do not make distinctions about an individual's religion, race, sexual orientation, or economic status. We certainly do not discriminate, and we have a decades-long track record that confirms just that.
It's easy to see why some liberals are so scared of him. Heaven forbid people who might be gay come into contact with Graham’s organization and see they are not the boogie man they have been made out to be.