Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Thanks You for the $25Mil. From the Coronavirus Relief Package

If you’ve perused the contents of the Senate’s coronavirus relief bill, you’re probably not happy. No, it’s not as bad as what Nancy Pelosi was orginally demanding, but it’ still stacked with rancid pork piled so high it’s begun sloughing out of the barrel.  One of the most egregious examples, outside of the $350 million for migration and boarder jumper assistance, is a 25 million kool ones that you, the taxpayer, have generously decided to donate to one of the pleasure palaces of the D.C. elite, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. And they thank you. 

Sure, that money could have been used to manufacture ventilators or other necessities for the healthcare professionals. It could have been used to fund locations where the dead will have to stored since New York City is running out of room. And I know it sounds crazy, but it could even have been returned to the people who actually earned it.  Instead, it’s going to fund a currently-shuttered theater, a playground for wealthy DC elites. One in which Nancy Pelosi enjoys standing ovations.

Here is the Message of thanks from the tone-deaf  folks at The Kennedy Center.

The audacity to make a case as to why the building deserves government money in this time of need for our country is insulting and elitist. Of course the elite would want to save their entertainment and gala ball, etc. events! How else to signal their achievements, especially in DC!  If a Robespierre ever returns, they will not find a better place to start than this rat’s nest of the coddled and worthy. Bite me in D minor!

[Robert Laurie]

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