Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Just Get Used To It You Little 'Semi-Fascists' Pigs

One would think the Democrats might have learned from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 mistake and avoided insulting half the voters they’re supposed to win over as stupid, undemocratic buffoons. But that would require them to first stop thinking of half the electorate as morons who have a soft spot for totalitarianism — which is, apparently, too much to ask.

The guy who promised to restore civility and decency and normalcy to the Oval Office wants you to know you’re a “semi-fascist” if you voted for DJT instead of him. It’s not clear whether Biden actually knows what fascism is since, these days, he can’t be relied upon to know whose hand he shook (if there is even really someone there to shake it) within a two-minute time frame.

When asked to explain what Biden meant by “semi-fascism,” White House press secretary Karen Jong-Perrier went a step further and attributed the label to the entire Republican Party.

Karen Jong-Perrier has had enough of yo Shit

There’s no question both sides of the political aisle are drawn to hyperbole and exaggerations, but this is ridiculous. Though fascism itself is a term that has been debated since the 1920's, it is easy to say what fascism is not:

It is not an ideology that advocates robust free speech and religious rights for all people, which conservatism does. It is not a political party that supports giving voters the power to decide abortion restrictions in their states, which the GOP does. It is not a movement that opposes draconian uses of federal power, such as sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandates and costly student loan debt forgiveness, which conservatism does. And it is definitely not a political party that protests the weaponization of key institutions like Big Tech and the FBI against political dissidents, which the Republican Party does.

As George Orwell put it, “the word fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable.’” For Democrats, fascism simply means anything they don’t like, and anything that might possibly threaten their control over the governing establishment.

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