Monday, August 29, 2022

Don't Believe the Media's Midterms Homestretch Hype

Excerpted from PJM 

Summer is winding down, and the election that seemed like it would never come is just a little over two months away. The Democrats have been feeling a lot more chipper lately, and the Republicans have been greatly tempering the enthusiasm they’ve been feeling for most of the year. The Democrat propagandists in the mainstream media have been positively aglow with optimism in recent weeks, gushing about Biden’s presidency being completely transformed and rescued from the gutter. The fantastical storytelling bears no resemblance to reality, of course, but that never gets in the way of the Kool-Aid Kids.

When the Democrats recently took the lead on the RealClearPolitics generic ballot there was weeping and gnashing of teeth all throughout GOP Land. But that bump was short-lived

The Democrat media hacks will be in full-court press mode between now and election day to make it seem like everything is rainbows and puppies and Obama riding on a unicorn.

They’ll be working overtime to convince people that what’s happening isn’t really happening. And what’s happening is this fetid garbage Joe Biden economy. There aren’t any quick fixes for the Let’s Go Brandon inflation quagmire that the United States finds itself in right now. The Democratic base may be stupid enough to believe that the Inflation Reduction Act will actually reduce inflation, but the rest of us still have to buy groceries. Whatever voter apathy may have potentially been a problem for the GOP was almost certainly taken care of by Merrick Garland and the Biden Stasi. Voters who may have been willing to sit this one out are probably nice and fired up now. 

Democrats can paint all of the pretty pictures that they want to for the next couple of months but none of their efforts will gloss over the enormous damage that President Eightyonemillion and the commie cabal running his brain have done to this country.

They know it too.

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