Monday, August 15, 2022

Merrick Garland's Panty Raid.

Maybe Merrick is a great admirer of J. Edgar Hoover and likes to wear dresses and stuff.  Garland is a Democrat after all, so you never know with them. Maybe he’s a sick perv and likes to scratch and sniff. Who knows?

One could only hope the Merrick wanted to raid Trump’s Mar-A-Largo to add some of Melania’s clothing to his personal boudoir, but we ought to be extremely cautious that Gestapo Garland isn’t abusing his authority for far more nefarious purposes.

Dictatorships come into power quickly and rely on accusing people of “treason,” “insurrection,” and many other anti-government activities. The question is, are we educated enough in history as a society to reject such attempts at total government control? Regardless of party doing it, we should recognize that once government goes to declaring people as traitors, that it’s common that government turns against its own supporters. Does anybody outside of a sensationalizing media weasel really buy into the idea that this was about nuclear codes?

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