Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Media: We come not to bury Liz, but to praise her......

Chris Wallace: Cheney's concession speech was a "declaration of war on Donald Trump” 

9pm - Liz walks in........flicks the light switch........which sends an echoing click through her empty room. The silence is so loud, her heels on the floor send ripples out across the hardwood, bouncing off the far wall and colliding back on themselves. She opens the fridge and pours a large tumbler of wine and sits down kicking her shoes off........then guzzles the whole glass. She gets up and sulks toward the shower, carrying the bottle with her....stopping to kick the wall and mumble something about Lincoln.

Liz's obvious substance abuse problem (pepperoni) likely contributed to her defeat.

Democrat and the sycophant media admiration for her is directly proportional to her disdain for DJT. Otherwise, to them, she's no better than your average hillbilly from Bugtussle.

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