Friday, April 24, 2015

Adiós MoFo

Well Eric, it seems like only yesterday those crazy right wingers were warning everyone that turning over the office of the Highest Law Enforcement Officer in the nation to a slick talking affirmative action public servant was going to be a mistake. Know what, they were right.  But hey, you can make those $1500 handmade Italian silk suits look good. 

While you spent your energies protecting us from counterfeit purses from overseas, you also did more then you part to further divide the country racially and politically. Your refusal to enforce the immigration laws of the United States because your boss didn't agree with them will haunt the country for decades, if not forever. Your refusal to investigate voter fraud and turning a blind eye to voter intimidation despite the evidence is now a thing of legend.

You said not long ago your biggest disappointment was you didn't get the gun ban you wanted. Too bad you didn't try harder, it would surly have been your down fall. 

But you did manage to make a mockery of the words "Civil Rights", rights that belong to ALL AMERICANS, not just for your people. Your unethical Civil Rights Division at your direction also engaged in politicized hiring practices that were unprecedented and lawless. The obtaining of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press, and harassment of news reporters critical of the administration was a sleazy intrusion and a direct attack on the first amendment.  

But you really showed your true colors with the lawsuits over voter ID laws. You're either stupid and do not understand common logic, or just another race baiter who doesn't believe in fair and honest elections.  Under your leadership the general hostility toward the spirit of the constitution and the actions of your Justice Department bordered on malfeasance in office. 

History will not judge you well I'm sure......The Most Corrupt and Unethical DOJ in the country's history. 

I do hope you enjoy living large with your lifetime golden parachute payed for in part by those gun totin' freedom loving patriotic conservative taxpayers you so despise  And it's probably a good idea that you leave now ( I know you are feeling the heat), because I believe some in congress would eventually get around to coming after your ass and put in jail where it belongs.