Monday, April 20, 2015

Ethically Challenged & Morally Bankrupt from Inception

by Robert Janicki
If you are opposed to abortion, this will be extremely disheartening and disturbing, if not worse.  
Planned Parenthood is anything but an agency helping women to plan for motherhood.  It would better be called by what it does and what it accomplishes, which is Planned Murder, Incorporated.  And this planned murder of defenseless fetuses is done with a taxpayer subsidy of almost a half billion dollars a year. 
To understand just how despicable and detestable are the practices of Planned Parenthood, one has to just view this video , which captures various Planned Parenthood facilities helping sex traffickers with instructions on how to get abortions for minor child sex slaves.  It's disgusting, but it illustrates the base nature and purpose of Planned Parenthood and their liberal supporters. 

It was  Margaret Sanger and her liberal white cohorts that embarked on their plan to eradicate, or at least reduce, those they felt were the dregs of society through planned genocide of unborn minorities and other groups that Sanger and her acolytes felt were subhuman or served no purpose other than to muddy the genetic gene pool.