Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Just How Far Left Has the Democrat Party Gone?

It has always puzzled me why good God Fearing, Red Blooded Patriotic Americans sheepishly allow the Left in this country control not only the narrative, but also the language with little or no push-back. I admit at times it seems to be changing.... but really never does. One thing that has bugged me to no end is the calling the Republicans the "Far Right" with absolutely no objection.

Democrats fall into two categories: profoundly comfortable sheep in ignorant bliss, and the stunningly stupid, led about by people that in most other civil societies in the world would be called the "Far Left".   It's a 'You don't have to call me a Communist, you don't have to call me a socialist, you don't even need to call me a progressive. You can just call me a Democrat.' (apologizes to Ramon J. 'Ray Jay' Johnson Jr.). 

People in the center-right spectrum of American politics have not changed radically their views and beliefs in the past decades. That cannot be said of Democrats, and as anyone paying attention these days should agree, from this day forward should be referred only as the "Extreme Left".  And For Good Reason. 

Gallop just released their findings on the divide in American politics and societal thinking of American adults conducted between 2003 and 2023 at roughly 10-year intervals. It's very revealing. (more at the link )

The Right have remained strong in their beliefs in God, Country and the Freedom from oppressive government as laid out in the Constitution. But the "Far Left" continues to thirst for authoritarian rule through big government, disrupting of the delicate balance of this almost 250 year old experiment with their poison of lies, greed, their underhanded dealing in cultural chaos and the blatant murder of the Blind Folded Lady Justice...... and we witnessing it all out in the open and in real time.

Jill Biden, Moll of the Biden Crime Family Shamelessly Kissing Up to LA Drag Queens
for Campaign Cash 

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