Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Courtney Asks: "What the Hell is Wrong With You People??!"

~ Highly Suspicious of All Who Walk Upright ~

We now live in a society where literally anything goes. The families continues to disintegrate, traditional moral values have been completely discarded, young criminals control and terrorise the streets of major cities, crime is totally out of control, our politicians are corrupt and our system of government is melting down right in front of our eyes.

So what is going to happen to our nation if things just continue to get even worse? Our politicians like to tell us that “America is great because America is good”. So, as to Courtney's enquiry, shall we take a peek as to where we are that so prompted her skepticism?........ 

The elite have grown so strong and have such disdain for the choices of average Americans that some are starting to float the idea that elections should be eliminated. The New York Times published this piece just last week that was originally entitled “Elections Are Bad for Democracy”

 The war on the family continues to escalate, and it is now being projected that 45 percent of all U.S. women in their “prime working years” will be single and childless in 2030. We’re told by our culture that a woman who is unmarried and has no children is empowered and in charge of her own life. She has escaped the unnecessary burden of raising a family and being a slave to her husband. (Pro Tip: buy stock in the maker of Xanax)

Theft is going to cost U.S. retailers more than 100 billion dollars this year, and at this point organized retail crime has become such a crisis, even low end retailers like Dollar Tree are being forced to take drastic measures.

Yale, once one of the most prestigious universities in the entire world. Unfortunately, at this point violent crime in the city of New Haven is off the charts. The university distributed flyers with stark warnings about high crime in New Haven, complete with a graphic of a grim reaper. They warned incoming students to avoid walking alone and avoid public transport. Forget nightlife: Student should stay in their dorms and “off the streets after 8 PM.” 

The Marxist Clown, Mayor of Chicago Brandon Johnson, has finally had to admit that vehicle theft is completely out of control in his city. But instead of going after the thieves he has filed a lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai. This clown Johnson is who Will Rogers had in mind when he spoke of useless politicians. 

Instead of cracking down on crime, the federal law enforcement authorities are using their ample resources to raid those incessant trouble makers, Amish cattle farmers… They came to Golden Valley Farms with a search warrant. "They tagged the meat, so that we can’t touch it; we can’t sell it; we can’t feed our family with it.” 

The number of transgender surgeries in the United States nearly tripled in just a three year period…The greatest number of procedures overall were undergone by women, 19- to 30-year-olds, people with private insurance, and people with higher incomes. Most procedures occurred in the West and were performed in urban teaching hospitals. Seems a lot of the younger trannys are just players of the fad, and hanging on the there original plumbing.

Joe, the part-time president, has asked Congress for money for a new clot shot, and he is admitting that it will likely be recommended everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not, because there is still to many of us left alive. Resistance is futile. 

Our society is going to continue to change. Nothing can stop that. But the direction of the change can be altered. Those that have been transforming our culture are just going to keep on doing what they have been doing, and all that it is going to take for them to succeed is for good people to stand by and do nothing. 

As for Courtney, I asked her in retort to her question: "After millions of years of evolution and millennia of domestication, why haven't cats learned to use a fuckin' can opener?"

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