Sunday, August 27, 2023

Bend over and Smile America. It's More 'Bidenomics'

The Supreme Court has reigned in some of the Biden Administration’s authoritarian leftist regulatory excesses, but the federal bureaucracy is relentless. The White House is quietly changing its analytical methods to make it easier to impose new rules on you/your business, while disguising their cost and downward effect on the economy.  If you think regulation has 
been running amok in the last two years, buckle up.
WSJ- "The Biden Administration has already unleashed more regulatory costs on the economy than any in recent memory—even the Obama Administration. Biden's first repealed the Trump Administration rule that for every new regulation, two had to be repealed. Then his regulators went wild. 
Casey Mulligan, a University of Chicago economist, recently looked at the Biden rules through 2022 and said the overall cost is $5,019 per household. That’s 15% more than the $4,353 cost per household during a comparable period in the Obama Administration. The Trump Administration had reduced regulatory costs by $2,636." 
"Under Biden’s order, a 'significant regulatory action' is redefined as one expected to have a $200 million annual economic cost, up from $100 million currently."

The cost side is then subjected to accounting gimmickry that helps hide the impact on the U.S. economy and society that the federal bureaucracy is so good at.      

"The OMB also tips the benefit side of the cost-benefit ledger by allowing consideration of the 'global effects of the regulation,' not merely how new rules affect Americans. 
That’s right. A perceived benefit for the world can figure into the analysis of a new rule as much as the cost to the people of, say, East Palestine, Ohio. This is intended to be a particular green light for new climate regulation......." 

These undaunted power hungry authoritarian weasels are already trying to regulate cow farts; it's just a matter of time till they think they can come after your beer farts too.  

We are not being governed. We are being ruled over.

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